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Ph.D. Program

In the Smeal College of Business at Penn State, we believe that doctoral education is at the very heart of our mission. Our students specialize in one of six primary fields: accounting, finance, management and organization, marketing, real estate, and supply chain and information systems.

During the doctoral program, you'll focus intensively on learning how to do research, reading research articles, collaborating with professors on research projects, and embarking on your own research career.

The Ph.D. is for students who want an academic research career. The Ph.D. degree is not for part-time students. It is not a "turbo-charged M.B.A.," nor is it designed for people pursuing careers as consultants or managers.

We believe that good researchers make good teachers. People who are at the leading edge of knowledge development are the ones who bring excitement and learning into the classroom. Thus, in developing your skills as a world-class researcher, you will also be developing your ability to contribute to the education of others.