Operations Research Dual-Title Degree Graduate Program

The Smeal Ph.D. program is differentiated by a commitment to research of our world-class faculty, strong faculty support of Ph.D. students, and a nearly one to one ratio of students to faculty.

Graduates students in Smeal College of Business can elect to participate in the Operations Research Dual-Title Degree Graduate Program. Operations Research is the use of scientific methodology in the formulation, analysis, and solution of problems of decision making.

Description of Operations Research

The term Operations Research originated in World War II to describe studies of military operations involving man-machine systems. Since its origin, operations researchers have addressed a wide variety of problems, including production and inventory control, transportation and distribution system design, capital investment marketing strategies, health maintenance, pollution control, personnel staffing, military deployment, resource management and other regional planning problems, just to name a few.

The applications of operations research are numerous, and more importantly, new applications are continually arising. The strength and versatility of operations research lie in its ability to model the behavior of complex systems in quantitative mathematical terms, as well as its prescriptive power through analysis and synthesis.

Interdisciplinary by Nature

Operations Research is interdisciplinary by nature and draws on the techniques from many fields, including the mathematical sciences, engineering, economics, and the physical sciences.

The unique structure of the OR program at Penn State enables students from rather diverse backgrounds to attain and be identified with the tools, techniques, and methodology of Operations Research and at the same time maintain a close association with their field of major interest.

The opportunity to study and work with others from such diverse backgrounds provides an enriching experience not usually available in graduate work. By a judicious selection of courses, a student can tailor a plan of graduate study to meet career objectives in both of the chosen fields.

Degrees Earned

Students electing to participate in this program will earn a dual-title degree at either the Ph.D., M.S., or M.Eng. levels, e.g., Ph. D. in Business Administration and Operations Research. Ph.D. students can also elect to take Operations Research as a minor.


For program requirements and to download the application forms, please visit: http://www.or.psu.edu/  

Additional information, please contact: 

Jose Ventura
Professor Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering