Management and Organization

Information about the Management and Organization Department at the Penn State Smeal College of Business.

The Management and Organization Department at the Penn State Smeal College of Business is preparing future leaders to respond to challenges associated with creating a successful business in today's global economy while shaping management knowledge and practices for the twenty-first century.

Portrait of Justin McClure.“I believe and/or assume some students might be thrown off by a degree called ‘Management.’ I would encourage you to think of it as more of a degree in ‘Leadership’ with many different management principles that provide a foundation of knowledge to impact organizations in many different ways, i.e. You can do many things with a ‘Management’ degree. And, in my case I was able to wear many different hats such as accounting, finance, HR, sales, and marketing that is essential to a small business. A degree in one specific discipline would have not prepared me to serve our organization in the very best capacity."

~Justin D. McClure, '00 Management, President, Daflure

Degree Programs

The department provides degree programs for Smeal students at all levels, including two undergraduate majors in Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Management. Our full-time, resident Smeal MBA Program, and the Smeal Executive MBA Program features coursework in management and leadership. We also offer a Master's Degree in Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship. At the doctoral level, an emphasis in Management and Organization is available through the Smeal Ph.D. Program.

Management & Organization Department's "GOOD NEWS"

The department compiles a document that highlights our faculty's publications, accomplishments, and awards.  Also included, are highlights of the Farrell Center for Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship and the Center for the Business of Sustainability.