Top Smeal Ph.D. Placements

Top Smeal Ph.D. student placements from recent graduating classes.

Penn State Smeal College of Business Ph.D. graduates have recently joined the faculties at a number of prestigious colleges and universities around the world. Graduates who have recently been placed include:

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  Rizzi, Guisy Alessandra - Texas Christian University 

The Activist CEO in the Era of Woke Capitalism: From Shareholder's Agent to Agent of Change
Management and Organization, 2021
Thesis Advisor - Dr. Vilmos Misangyi

Logo for Arizona State University.  Badryah Alhusaini - Arizona State University
Peer Information and Managerial Myopia
Accounting, 2019
Thesis Advisor - Dr. Karl Muller
Logo for University of Illinois.  Luis Lopez - University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Essays on Brokers, Financial Intermediaries, and Securitized Mortgages
Real Estate, 2019
Thesis Advisor: Dr. Brent Ambrose 
Logo for University of Florida. 

Robert Carnes - University of Florida
Riding the Merger Wave: The Gatekeeping Role of Auditors
Accounting, 2018
Thesis Advisor: Dr. Karl Muller

Logo for The Pennsylvania State University 

Rashmi Sharma - The Pennsylvania State University
Essay on Operations Management
Supply Chain & Information Systems, 2018
Thesis Advisor: Dr. Aydin Alpekinoglu and Dr. Anthony Kwasnica

Manpreet Gill - Darla Moore School of Business University of South Carolina 
Essays on the Causal Analysis of Strategic Marketing Actions
Marketing, 2017
Thesis Advisor: Dr. Min Ding and Dr. Shrihari Sridhar
   Priyanka Dwivedi - Texas A&M, College Station
She Who Keeps A Cool Head Prevails: Examining How Self-Regulation Allows Women Leaders To Be Effective In Executive Roles
Management & Organization, 2017
Thesis Advisor: Dr. Aparna Joshi
   Anywhere Sikochi - Harvard Business School
Corporate Families and Creditor Recovery Rates
Accounting, 2016
Thesis Advisor: Dr. Karl Muller and Dr. Dan Givoly
   Tiffany Johnson – Georgia Institute of Technology, Scheller College of Business
Scaling Cliffs and Crossing Chasms: Unpacking the Micro-processes of Inclusion through the Lens of Autism Job Coaches
Management & Organization, 2016
Thesis Advisor: Dr. Aparna Joshi
   Walter D’Lima – University of Notre Dame
Essays on Economic Incentives in Real Estate
Real Estate, 2016
Thesis Advisor: Dr. Brent Ambrose and Dr. Ed Coulson
   Kimball Chapman - Washington University, St Louis
Limited Investor Attention and the Earnings Announcement Premium

Accounting, 2015
Thesis Advisor: Dr. Orie Barron
   Abhinav Gupta - University of Washington- Seattle
Implications of Organizational Political Ideology for Firm’s Market and Non-Market Behavior

Management & Organization, 2015
Thesis Advisor: Dr. Forrest Briscoe
Kisha Lashley - University of Virginia
Entrepreneurship in Stigma: In Search of Audience Support in the Medical Cannabis Industry

Management & Organization, 2015
Thesis Advisor: Dr. Tim Pollock
Bernardo Quiroga-Gomez - Clemson University
Complexity in Procurement Decision-Making

Supply Chain, 2015
Thesis Advisor: Dr. Brent Moritz and Dr. Daniel Guide

Kevin Koharki - Washington University, St Louis
Mandatory Disclosure Requirements and Rating Agency Catering: A study of the Rule Changes for Qualified Special Purpose Entities

Accounting, 2014
Thesis Advisor: Dr. Karl Muller
Daniel Russomanno - University of Arizona at Tucson
Audit Outcomes of Initiating a Chief Accounting Officer Position

Accounting, 2014
Thesis Advisor: Dr. Orie Barron
Zhan Shi - Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University
Macroeconomic Conditions, Ambiguity, and Asset Pricing Puzzles

Finance, 2014
Thesis Advisor: Dr. Jingzhi Huang
Myun Kyun Chin - Kelley School of Business at Indiana University
Political Ideologies of Upper Echelons: Implications for Top Executives’ Pay Arrangements

Management & Organization, 2014
Thesis Advisor: Dr. Donald C. Hambrick
Sunghoon Kim - W.P.  Carey School of Business at Arizona State University
A New Restricted Bayesian Framework for Deriving the Heterogeneous Drivers of Service Quality Evaluations

Marketing, 2014
Thesis Advisor: Dr. Wayne S. DeSabro
Co-Chair: Dr. Duncan Fong
James Conklin - Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia
Essays on Mortgage Broker, Borrower, and Lender Behavior in the Subprime Mortgage Market

Real Estate, 2014
Thesis Advisor: Dr. Brent Ambrose
   Patrick Hoffman - Purdue University
Can Audit Regulation Stifle Hedge Fund Misreporting?

Accounting, 2013
Thesis Advisor: Dr. Orie Barron
Adrienne Rhodes - Texas A&M Marys College of Business
The Relationship Between the Use of Accounting Measures in Debt and Incentive Contracts

Accounting, 2013
Thesis Advisor: Dr. Stephen Huddart
Luke Watson - University of Florida, Warrington College of Business Administration
Executive Overconfidence and Financial Reporting of Unrecognized Tax Benefits

Accounting, 2013
Thesis Advisor: Dr. Karl Muller
Chen Zhou - Erasmus School of Economics
Empirical Models for Organizational Service Quality Decisions

Marketing, 2013
Thesis Advisor: Dr. Rajdeep Grewal
Moussa Diop - University of Wisconsin- Madison
Real Estate, Industry Structure and Shareholder Value

Real Estate, 2013
Thesis Advisor: Dr. Brent Ambrose
James Abbey - Texas A&M
Essays in Closed-Loop Supply Chains

Supply Chain, 2013
Thesis Advisor: Dr. Daniel Guide
Samuel Bonsall - Ohio State University
The Informational Effects of Firm-Funded Certification: Evidence from the Bond Rating Agencies

Accounting, 2012
Thesis Advisor: Dr. Karl Muller
Michael Penn - Florida State University
Read all about it: The effects of the business press on auditor effect

Accounting, 2012
Thesis Advisor: Dr. Orie Barron
Joel Gehman - University of Alberta
Sustainability by Dissociation: Categories, Divestures & Boundaries

Management & Organization, 2012
Thesis Advisor: Dr. Raghu Garud
Kaitlin Dunn - Notre Dame, Mendoza College of Business
Product Recalls in Food Supply Chain: A Farm-To-Fork Perspective

Supply Chain, 2012
Thesis Advisor: Dr. Christopher Craighead
Zahn Bozanic - Ohio State University
The Role of Accounting-based Financial Covenants in Preventing Substantive Defaults of Public Debt

Accounting, 2011
Thesis Advisor: Dr. Karl Muller
Adam Wowak - University of Notre Dame
Greater and Lesser-Paid Chief Executive Officers: Implications for Subsequent Firm Outcomes

Management & Organization, 2011
Thesis Advisor: Dr. Donald Hambrick
Mahima Hada - City University of New York, Baruch
Referral Equity and Referral Management: Essays on the Supplier Firm’s Perspective of Referrals

Marketing, 2011
Thesis Advisor: Dr. Rajdeep Grewal & Dr. Gary L. Lilien
   Jim Vincent - University of Florida
The Effect of Earnings Announcements on Trading Outcomes For Different Investor Classes

Accounting, 2010
Thesis Advisor: Dr. Orie Barron