Faculty & Research

Faculty & Research Section

Through our leading faculty and network of research centers and institutes, the Penn State Smeal College of Business serves as a source of knowledge that influences the business practices of tomorrow.

Highly Ranked Faculty Researchers

More than 150 full-time faculty make up the college’s six academic departments. They are prolific researchers, editors of leading journals, consultants to top companies, keynote speakers at conferences around the world, and frequent honorees and award winners.

Our faculty consistently rank in the top 10 among public universities for research published in business journals. Smeal has also factored highly in discipline-specific research productivity rankings in areas such as marketing and management.

Research Centers at Smeal

Through our network of centers and institutes, Smeal connects researchers at Penn State and Smeal, senior executives from sponsoring organizations, and prominent faculty from other leading institutions to share knowledge and address business challenges in areas such as supply chain management, business-to-business marketing, and real estate.