Management Ph.D. Placements

Placements of PhD Students in the Management and Organization PhD Program

Below is a listing of recent student placements:

Recent Graduate Placement Record
Logo Placement Information
 Logo for University of Sydney.

Seo, Yeonji - The University of Sydney
Celebrity in Action: the Impact of Organizational Celebrity on Corporate Social Responsibility
Management and Organization, 2019

Portrait of George Mason University. 

Song, Jinyuan (Stephanie) - George Mason University
Do You See Them Coming? Antecedents and Consequences of Firms' Attention to Nontraditional Competitors
Management and Organization, 2019


Logo for Tongji University. 

Chen, Meng - Tongji University
Contrasting Workplace Ostracism and Workplace Incivility via Observer Reactions 
Management and Organization, 2018

Logo for University New South Wales. 

Park, Chuljin - University of New South Wales
Weathering the Storm: Social Capital Repair and Performance Improvements after Financial Fraud
Management and Organization, 2017

 Logo for University of Deleware.

Bishop, Derron - University of Delaware
Fighting for an Organization's Heart: Self-Transcendence Values,
Moral Emotions, and Collective Voice

Management and Organization, 2017

 Logo for Texas A&M University

Dwivedi, Priyanka - Texas A&M University
She Who Keeps A Cool Head Prevails: Examining How Self-Regulation
Allows Women Leaders To Be Effective In Executive Roles

Management and Organization, 2017

 Logo for Singapore Management University.

Fatimah, Shereen - Singapore Management University
A Collective Action Approach to Proactivity
Management and Organization, 2017

 Logo for Emlyon Business School France.

Tharchen, Thinley - Emlyon Business School France
The emergence of new categories in stigmatized industries: The case of e-cigarettes
Management and Organization, 2017

 Logo for Georgia Institute of Technology.

Johnson, Tiffany - Georgia Institute of Technology
Scaling Cliffs and Crossing Chasms: Unpacking the Micro-processes of
Inclusion through the Lens of Autism Job Coaches
Management and Organization, 2016

 Logo for University of Washington. Gupta, Abhinav - University of Washington
Implications of Organizational Political Ideology for Firm's Market and Non-Market Behavior
Management and Organization, 2015
 Logo of University of Virginia. Lashley, Kisha - University of Virginia
Entrepreneurship in a Stigma: In Search of Audience Support In The Medical Cannabis Industry
Management and Organization, 2015
 Logo for Indiana University. Chin, M. K. - Indiana University
Political Ideologies of Upper Echelons: Implications for Top Executives' Pay Arrangements
Management and Organization, 2014
 Logo for Oregon State University. Murphy, Chad - Oregon State University
Facing the Void: Identify and Legitimacy in Emerging Professions
Management and Organization, 2014
 Logo for University of Deleware. Patvardhan, Shubha - University of Delaware
Shaping the Future: Grounded Model of Strategy-Making in a Pioneering Firm
Management and Organization, 2014
 Logo for Miami Valley Down Syndrome Association. Stites, Jenna - Miami Valley Down Syndrome Association
When to Speak Up and When to Shut Up: The Intended (and Unintended) Reputational
Consequences of Social and Environmental
Management and Organization, 2014
 singapore-management-university.jpg Acharya, Abhijith - Singapore Management University
Friends and Foes: The Influence of Status Homophily and Status Conflict in Boards of
Directors on Director Exit and Firm Outcomes

Management and Organization, 2013
 Logo for University of Delaware. Bragaw, Nathan - University of Delaware
Management and Organization, 2013
 Logo for University of Alberta. Gehman, Joel - University of Alberta
Management and Organization, 2012
 Logo for University of Denver. Hamilton, Aimee - University of Denver
Management and Organization, 2012
 Logo for Midwestern State University. Kataria, Niyati - Midwestern State University
Management and Organization, 2012
 Logo for University of Notre Dame. Wowak, Adam - University of Notre Dame
Management and Organization, 2011
 Logo for University of Georgia. Quigley, Tim - University of Georgia
Management and Organization, 2011
Logo for Univeristy of Arkansas. Kish-Gephart, Jennifer - Univeristy of Arkansas
Management and Organization, 2010
  Price, Kristin N. - Awarded Posthumous Ph.D.
Management and Organization, 2009
 Logo for ESSEC Business School. Chatterjee, Arijit - ESSEC Business School
Narcissism in the Executive Suite: Implications for Strategic Decision-Making and CEO Behavior
Management and Organization, 2009
 Logo for Florida International University. Gajendran, Ravi - Florida International University
Management and Organization, 2009

"From the moment I visited Penn State's M&O department as an applicant, through course work, candidacy and my dissertation defense, my entire experience was first rate. Individually, the M&O faculty are each accomplished scholars in their respective fields; collectively, the breadth and depth of department is hard to match. Without a doubt, Penn State provided me with the tools and training necessary to launch a vibrant scholarly career."
- Joel Gehman, 2012 Smeal Ph.D. Graduate

*Please note, placements are within one year of graduation.