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Management Ph.D. Placements

Below is a list of current positions held by recently graduated Ph.D. students.

Year of Graduation

Employing Institution


Bishop, Derron 2017 University of Delaware Assistant Professor of Management
Johnson, Tiffany   2016 Georgia Institute of Technology Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior
Gupta, Abhinav 2015 University of Washington Assistant Professor of Strategic Management
Lashley, Kisha 2015 University of Virginia Assistant Professor of Commerce
Chin, M. K. 2014 Indiana University Assistant Professor of Management
Murphy, Chad 2014 Oregon State University Assistant Professor of Management
Patvardhan, Shubha 2014 University of Delaware Assistant Professor, Business Administration
Stites, Jenna 2014 Miami Valley Down Syndrome Association Executive Director
Acharya, Abhijith 2013 Singapore Management University Assistant Professor of Strategic Management
Bragaw, Nathan 2013 Louisiana State University Assistant Professor
Gehman, Joel 2012 University of Alberta Assistant Professor of Strategic Management and Organization
Hamilton, Aimee 2012 University of Denver Assistant Professor
Kataria, Niyati 2012 Midwestern State University Assistant Professor
Wowak, Adam 2011 University of Notre Dame Assistant Professor of Management
Quigley, Tim 2011 University of Georgia Assistant Professor of Management
Kish-Gephart, Jennifer 2010 University of Arkansas Associate Professor

Price, Kristin N.

2009 Awarded Posthumous Ph.D.

Chatterjee, Arijit


ESSEC Business School

Associate Professor

Chiaburu, Dan


Texas A&M, College Station

Associate Professor in Management 

Gajendran, Ravi


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Assistant Professor of Business Administration

"From the moment I visited Penn State's M&O department as an applicant, through course work, candidacy and my dissertation defense, my entire experience was first rate. Individually, the M&O faculty are each accomplished scholars in their respective fields; collectively, the breadth and depth of department is hard to match. Without a doubt, Penn State provided me with the tools and training necessary to launch a vibrant scholarly career."
- Joel Gehman, 2012 Smeal Ph.D. Graduate