Finance Ph.D. Placements

Smeal College of Business Finance Ph.D. Placements

Recent Graduate Dissertation Topics and Placement Record  

*Please note, all academic placements are tenure track unless an alternate job title is provided

Logo Placement Information
Logo for University of Maryland. 

O'Brien, Terrence - Assistant Clinical Professor of Finance at University of Maryland
Essays on Cryptocurrency Exchange Volume Manipulation and Volatility
Finance, 2023

Logo for Analysis Group. 


Yang, Lu - Associate at Analysis Group
Essays on information processing in the capital markets
Finance, 2023

Logo for The Chinese University of Hong Kong. 

Xiao, Han - The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)
Essays on Fund Management
Finance, 2023

 Logo for University of San Diego.

Ceballos, Luis - University of San Diego 
Essays on Bond Markets
Finance, 2022


Logo for Oregon State University. 

Gibbons, Brian - Oregon State University
Essays on Corporate Finance and Disclosure
Finance, 2021

 Logo for the University of North Texas.

Owen, Stephen - University of North Texas
Essays in Conditional Asset Pricing and Machine Learning in Finance
Finance, 2021

 Logo for the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Ye, Zihan - University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Nevada
Inter-county Economic Growth and Municipal Access to Finance
Finance, 2020

Logo for the Securities and Exchange Commission. 

Pyo, Minyoung - Securities and Exchange Commission, D.C.
Access to Credit and Labor Market Outcomes
Finance, 2020

Logo for Rowan University. 

Henry, Joseph - Rowan University
Initial Public Offerings and Rival Firm Performance
Finance, 2019

 Logo for Miami University.

Gempesaw, David - Miami University
Information Choice, Uncertainty and Expected Returns
Finance, 2019

Logo for Binghamton University.

McKeever, Daniel - Binghamton University
Board Networks and Firm Performance 
Finance, 2018

 Logo for the University of Kansas

Pisciotta, Kevin - University of Kansas
Effects of IPO Involvement on Analysts' Information Production
Finance, 2018

Logo for Tulane University. 

Shakya, Shasta - Tulane University
Essays on Stability and Regulation of the Banking System
Finance, 2018

Logo for University of Northern Colorado

Henrichsen, Aaron -- University of Northern Colorado
Can Fund Flows Anticipate Market Movements? Evidence from Leveraged ETFs
Finance, 2017

 Logo for Westfield State University.

Chatt, Robert -- Westfield State University
Don't Bite the Hand that Feeds: Mutual Fund 401 (k) Management and Firm M&A Activity
Finance, 2017

Logo for Citigroup Global Markets Inc.. 

Welker, Adam -- Citigroup Global Markets Inc.
The Impact of Mandated Option Expensing on Executive Compensation and Corporate Investment
Finance, 2017

Logo for Villanova University. Velthuis, Raisa --Villanova University
Essays on Fund Management
Finance, 2016
Logo for Texas Christian University

Farnsworth, Grant -- Texas Christian University
Essays on the Structure, Performance, and Behavior of Hedge Funds
Finance, 2015

Logo for Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University 

Shi, Zhan -- Visiting Assistant Professor of Finance at Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University
Risk, Ambiguity and Anomalies in the Fixed Income Market
Finance, 2014

Logo for Northeastern University Mkrtchyan, Anahit -- Northeastern University
Essays in Corporate Finance
Finance, 2013
Logo for Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Zhang, Jianing -- Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
Essays on Mutual Funds and Bond Markets
Finance, 2013
Logo of University of South Carolina. Jones, Colin -- University of South Carolina
Venture Capital, Boards of Directors, and the Market for Corporate Control
Finance, 2013

Logo for University of Tulsa.

Bick, Patty -- University of Tulsa
The Effects of Mutual Funds on M & A Compensation
 Finance, 2012
Logo for University of Kansas Goldie, Bradley -- University of Kansas
Essays on Hedge Fund Investment
Finance, 2012
Logo for Concordia University Wang, Yuan -- Concordia University
Debt Covenants and Cross-Sectional Equity Returns
Finance, 2012
Logo for West Chester University Miller, Thomas -- West Chester University
How Stick are Dividends? Analysis Under Cash Shortfalls
Finance, 2011
Logo for Federal Reserve Board Petrasek, Lubomir -- Federal Reserve Board
Institutional Investors and Liquidity Risk
Finance, 2011
Logoo for University of Notre Dame Rossi, Marco – University of Notre Dame
Realized Volatility, Liquidity, and Corporate Yield Spreads
Finance, 2010
Logo for Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey Zhong, Zhaodong (Ken) -- Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Why Does Hedge Fund Alpha Decrease Over Time? Evidence from Individual Hedge Funds
Finance, 2008
Logo for University at Albany, State University of New York Wang, Ying -- University at Albany, State University of New York
Essays on Mutual Funds
Finance, 2008
Logo for University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee Huang, Zhijian (James) -- University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
Essays in Financial Economics
Finance, 2008
Logo for California State, East Bay Fricke, Eric -- California State, East Bay
Essays in Corporate Finance
Finance, 2008
Logo for North Carolina State University Zhao, Jing -- North Carolina State University
CEO Employment Contacts, Managerial Myopia and Corporate Acquisition Decisions
Finance, 2007
Logo for University of Wyoming Sokolyk, Tatyana -- University of Wyoming
The Effects of Goverance Provisions on Takeover Vulnerability and Managerial Entrenchment
Finance, 2007
Logo for Oakland University Qian, Hong -- Oakland University
Essays on Equity Issuance
Finance, 2006
Logo for Illinois State University Miles, Linda -- Illinois State University
Essays in Corporate Finance: The Impact of Corporate Governance During Economic Stress and Tracking Stock in the United States
Finance, 2005
Logo for Rochester Institute of Technology Wollan, Patricia -- Rochester Institute of Technology
Managing Knowledge Assets in Organizations: Role of Incentives and Information Systems
Finance, 2005
Logo for Massey University. Glidewell, Edward -- Massey University
Three Essays in Finance
Finance, 2004
Logo for Bear Stearns Kong, Weipeng -- Bear Stearns
Essays on the Empirical Analysis of Aggregate Corporate Bond Credit Spreads
Finance, 2004
Logo for Southern Illinois University Wang, Xiaoxin -- Southern Illinois University
On a Pure Limit-Order-Book Market
Finance, 2003
 Logo for Babson College. Atanasov, Vladimir -- Babson College
Equity Investments with Private Benefits of Control
Finance, 2002
College of William and Mary logo. Boone, Audra -- William & Mary
Essays on the Causes and Effects of Corporate Restructuring
Finance, 2002
Logo for Arizona State University. Juergens, Jennifer -- Arizona State University
Essays on Investment Analysts
Finance, 2001
Logo for Securities and Exchange Commission Walsh, Lori -- Securities and Exchange Commission
The Impact of Dividend Initiations on Information Environment, Liquidity and Firm Value
Finance, 2001
Logo for Columbia University Chernov, Mikhail -- Columbia University
Essays in Financial Econometrics
Finance, 2000
Logo for Drexel University

Becher, David A. -- Drexel University
The Valuation Effects of Bank Mergers
 Finance, 1999

Logo for University of Delaware Campbell, Terry L. -- University of Delaware
How Firms Manage the Succession Process: Policies and Consequences
Finance, 1998
Logo for Saint Bonaventure University. Mahar, James -- St. Bonaventure University
Identification and Investigation of High-Cash Firms
Finance, 1998
Logo for Iowa State University Piwowar, Michael -- Iowa State University
Intermarket Order Flow and Liquidity: An Empirical Study of Cross-Listed Securities on U.S. Stock Exchanges and the Paris Bourse
Finance, 1998
Logo for Western Michigan University Swisher, Judith -- Western Michigan University
Fixed Price Self-Tender Offers: An Analysis of Investor Response and Management Motivation
Finance, 1997
Logo for City University of Hong Kong Ahn, Hee-Joon -- City University of Hong Kong
Share Repurchase Tender Offers and Bid-Ask Spreads
Finance, 1996
O'Neill (LaPlante), Michele --
Trading Mechanisms and Block Transactions: An Empirical Study of Listing Firms
Finance, 1996
Logo for Southern Illinois University Peterson, Mark -- Southern Illinois University
Analysis of Closed-End Fund Rights Offerings
Finance, 1996
Logo for Bond University Torbey, Violet -- Bond University
The Pricing of Seasoned Stock Issues: Differences Between Industrials and Utilities
Finance, 1996
Logo for S&P Global Ratings  Erturk, Erkan -- S&P Global Ratings
Growth Options and the Wealth Effects of the Legal Rights for Exclusive Exploitation
Finance, 1995
Logo for Appalachian State University Hulburt, Heather -- Appalachian State University
Equity Carve-Outs and Their Parent Firms: How Do They Perform?
Finance, 1995
Logo for Credit Suisse First Boston Woolfolk, Michael -- Credit Suisse First Boston
An Empirical Analysis of Taxable Stock Distributions: The Effect of Tax and Regulatory Actions in Informationally Asymmetric Markets
Finance, 1995
Logo for Georgia State University Ciccotello, Conrad -- Georgia State University
Operational Performance and the Choice of Organizational Form: A Study of Master Limited Partnership Agreements
Finance, 1993

 *Please note, placements are within one year of graduation.