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Smeal College of Business Finance Ph.D. Placements
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Logo for Binghamton University.

McKeever, Daniel -- Binghamton University
Board Networks and Firm Performance 
Finance, 2018

Henrichsen, Aaron -- University of Northern Colorado
Can Fund Flows Anticipate Market Movements? Evidence from Leveraged ETFs
Finance, 2017

 Logo for Westfield State University.

Chatt, Robert -- Westfield State University
Don't Bite the Hand that Feeds: Mutual Fund 401 (k) Management and Firm M&A Activity
Finance, 2017

Logo for Citigroup Global Markets Inc.. 

Welker, Adam -- Citigroup Global Markets Inc.
The Impact of Mandated Option Expensing on Executive Compensation and Corporate Investment
Finance, 2017

Velthuis, Raisa --Villanova University
Essays on Fund Management
Finance, 2016

Farnsworth, Grant -- Texas Christian University
Essays on the Structure, Performance, and Behavior of Hedge Funds
Finance, 2015

Logo for Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University 

Shi, Zhans -- Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University
Risk, Ambiguity and Anomalies in the Fixed Income Market
Finance, 2014

Mkrtchyan, Anahit -- Northeastern University
Essays in Corporate Finance
Finance, 2013
Zhang, Jianing -- Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
Essays on Mutual Funds and Bond Markets
Finance, 2013
Jones, Colin -- University of South Carolina
Venture Capital, Boards of Directors, and the Market for Corporate Control
Finance, 2013

Bick, Patty -- University of Tulsa
The Effects of Mutual Funds on M & A Compensation
 Finance, 2012
Goldie, Bradley -- University of Kansas
Essays on Hedge Fund Investment
Finance, 2012
Wang, Yuan -- Concordia University
Debt Covenants and Cross-Sectional Equity Returns
Finance, 2012
Miller, Thomas -- West Chester University
How Stick are Dividends? Analysis Under Cash Shortfalls
Finance, 2011
Petrasek, Lubomir -- Federal Reserve Board
Institutional Investors and Liquidity Risk
Finance, 2011
Rossi, Marco – University of Notre Dame
Realized Volatility, Liquidity, and Corporate Yield Spreads
Finance, 2010
Zhong, Zhaodong (Ken) -- Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Why Does Hedge Fund Alpha Decrease Over Time? Evidence from Individual Hedge Funds
Finance, 2008
Wang, Ying -- University at Albany, State University of New York
Essays on Mutual Funds
Finance, 2008
Huang, Zhijian (James) -- University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
Essays in Financial Economics
Finance, 2008
Fricke, Eric -- California State, East Bay
Essays in Corporate Finance
Finance, 2008
Zhao, Jing -- North Carolina State University
CEO Employment Contacts, Managerial Myopia and Corporate Acquisition Decisions
Finance, 2007
Sokolyk, Tatyana -- University of Wyoming
The Effects of Goverance Provisions on Takeover Vulnerability and Managerial Entrenchment
Finance, 2007
Qian, Hong -- Oakland University
Essays on Equity Issuance
Finance, 2006
Miles, Linda -- Illinois State University
Essays in Corporate Finance: The Impact of Corporate Governance During Economic Stress and Tracking Stock in the United States
Finance, 2005
Wollan, Patricia -- Rochester Institute of Technology
Managing Knowledge Assets in Organizations: Role of Incentives and Information Systems
Finance, 2005
Glidewell, Edward -- Massey University
Three Essays in Finance
Finance, 2004
Kong, Weipeng -- Bear Stearns
Essays on the Empirical Analysis of Aggregate Corporate Bond Credit Spreads
Finance, 2004
Wang, Xiaoxin -- Southern Illinois University
On a Pure Limit-Order-Book Market
Finance, 2003
 Logo for Babson College. Atanasov, Vladimir -- Babson College
Equity Investments with Private Benefits of Control
Finance, 2002
College of William and Mary logo. Boone, Audra -- William & Mary
Essays on the Causes and Effects of Corporate Restructuring
Finance, 2002
Logo for Arizona State University. Juergens, Jennifer -- Arizona State University
Essays on Investment Analysts
Finance, 2001
Walsh, Lori -- Securities and Exchange Commission
The Impact of Dividend Initiations on Information Environment, Liquidity and Firm Value
Finance, 2001
Chernov, Mikhail -- Columbia University
Essays in Financial Econometrics
Finance, 2000

Becher, David A. -- Drexel University
The Valuation Effects of Bank Mergers
 Finance, 1999

Campbell, Terry L. -- University of Delaware
How Firms Manage the Succession Process: Policies and Consequences
Finance, 1998
Logo for Saint Bonaventure University. Mahar, James -- St. Bonaventure University
Identification and Investigation of High-Cash Firms
Finance, 1998
Piwowar, Michael -- Iowa State University
Intermarket Order Flow and Liquidity: An Empirical Study of Cross-Listed Securities on U.S. Stock Exchanges and the Paris Bourse
Finance, 1998
Swisher, Judith -- Western Michigan University
Fixed Price Self-Tender Offers: An Analysis of Investor Response and Management Motivation
Finance, 1997
Ahn, Hee-Joon -- City University of Hong Kong
Share Repurchase Tender Offers and Bid-Ask Spreads
Finance, 1996
O'Neill (LaPlante), Michele --
Trading Mechanisms and Block Transactions: An Empirical Study of Listing Firms
Finance, 1996
Peterson, Mark -- Southern Illinois University
Analysis of Closed-End Fund Rights Offerings
Finance, 1996
Torbey, Violet -- Bond University
The Pricing of Seasoned Stock Issues: Differences Between Industrials and Utilities
Finance, 1996
Hulburt, Heather -- Appalachian State University
Equity Carve-Outs and Their Parent Firms: How Do They Perform?
Finance, 1995
Ciccotello, Conrad -- Georgia State University
Operational Performance and the Choice of Organizational Form: A Study of Master Limited Partnership Agreements
Finance, 1993