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Interested students can apply to the Integrated MAcc Program during the Smeal College of Business major enrollment period, which occurs in the early part of the students' sophomore year. At that time, applicants will also select an undergraduate program major using Penn State's eLion website. Students who accept offers to enroll in the Integrated MAcc Program generally will be accounting majors, although finance majors are also eligible to enroll.

Program enrollment is limited. The Accounting Department at Smeal bases acceptance decisions on:

  • Prior performance at Penn State, with particular emphasis on courses that are indicators of aptitude for a rigorous accounting program
  • SAT scores
  • The Department may also require applicants to successfully complete an exam testing mastery of Accounting 211 material and/or may also conduct interviews with select applicants

To apply to the Integrated MAcc Program visit: Please note, the application deadline is February 12, 2016 at 5:00 p.m.

Video: View the 2016 MAcc Information Session held January 28

Note: All students who apply for the Integrated MAcc Program must also complete their major selection form on eLion. Students are eligible to enter the Integrated MAcc Program from the accounting and finance majors only.