Semester Schedule

The Integrated MAcc Program extends across six semesters.

Students enrolled in the Integrated MAcc Program begin coursework during the fall semester of the junior year.

Fall (1st semester in program)*

ACCTG 404: Managerial Accounting
ACCTG 405: Principles of Taxation I
ACCTG 471: Intermediate Accounting I

Spring (2nd semester in program)

ACCTG 432: Accounting Information Systems
ACCTG 472: Intermediate Accounting II
MIS 301: Management Information Systems 

Fall (3rd semester in program)

ACCTG 403W: Auditing
BA 817: Leadership Communications
BA 840: Business Data Management
Graduate Elective 

Spring (4th semester in program)

ACCTG 495: Internship

Fall (5th semester in program)

ACCTG 573: Financial Reporting
BA 841: Business Intelligence
BLAW 444: Advanced UCC and Commercial Transactions
FIN 531: Financial Management 

Spring (6th semester in program)

Graduate Elective 
Graduate Elective 


Graduate Electives

ACCTG 566: Corporate Disclosure in the Capital Markets
ACCTG 803: Forensic Accounting
ACCTG 821: Analysis and Interpretation of Tax Law
ACCTG 822: Corporate Taxation and Financial Reporting
ACCTG 823: Survey of Advanced Tax Topics
ACCTG 881: Financial Statement Analysis