Integrated MAcc Program

Coursework for the Integrated Master of Accounting (MAcc) Program begins in the fall semester of the junior year. Graduation occurs after the fifth year with students earning both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in accounting simultaneously.

Smeal’s Integrated Undergraduate-Graduate Master of Accounting (MAcc) Program provides the education necessary to be licensed as a CPA after five years of study at Penn State. The program is a good fit for highly-motivated students who know as of their second year that they want to pursue a career in public accounting and earn a CPA upon graduating.

Interactive MapView Penn State’s professional licensure/certification disclosures by state to understand how state licensing board requirements may impact your career.

Coursework for the Integrated MAcc Program begins in the fall semester of the third year. Graduation occurs during the fifth year, at which time students simultaneously earn a bachelor’s and master’s degree in accounting.

Smeal students planning to pursue the Accounting major (and/or another Smeal major with Dual Track in Accounting) apply to the Integrated MAcc Program in the fall semester or early in the spring semester of their second year, prior to and/or during the undergraduate major selection period at Smeal. The admission process is competitive, and enrollment is limited.

Key Benefits

  • Students take a combination of undergraduate and graduate coursework during the fourth and fifth years of the program.
    • Seamlessly earn a bachelor's and master's degree in five academic years while satisfying the 150-credit-hour requirement.
    • Most students complete the program in "9 tuition-paying semesters," including a professional internship during the program of study.
  • STEM-designated for MAcc program beginning fall 2024 – refer to this link for the article about updates to MAcc program
  • Enroll in course sections reserved for students in the Integrated MAcc Program.
  • Pursue a paid internship during the spring semester of the fourth year. Internships usually lead to full-time job offers.
  • Consult with a dedicated MAcc Program academic adviser about course selections and career choices.
  • Access the broad and deep pool of recruiters who annually visit Smeal to hire new talent.

To express your interest in the iMAcc program, please sign-up at this link.  If you missed the information session about the Integrated MAcc (iMAcc) program, please refer below to review the PowerPoint slide deck and the recording.

Please click this link to access the Integrated MAcc Info Session Presentation and this link to view the recording from the January 2024 Information session.

Students who have already completed their undergraduate degree or whose undergraduate degree is nearly completed should consider applying to our One-Year Master of Accounting program.

Please refer to the Admissions page to apply to the Integrated MAcc program.