Admission into the Integrated MAcc Program is selective, with acceptance decisions based on a variety of factors.

Applications are currently open for students in their 2nd year at Penn State. It is best to apply after you complete ACCTG 211. Applications are due by January 22, 2024. Decisions about conditional acceptance will be communicated by March 30, 2024. If you have any questions, please contact Integrated MAcc

Interested students can apply to the Integrated MAcc Program via this application form, using their own Penn State credentials.  Students can apply to the iMAcc program prior to receiving their conditional or permanent offer to Smeal major and/or Smeal Dual Track in Accounting. Accepted applicants must be accepted into accounting as their undergraduate program major and/or Smeal major with Dual Track in Accounting before beginning the program in the fall semester of their third year.

Program enrollment is limited. The Accounting Department at Smeal bases acceptance decisions on:

  • Prior performance at Penn State, with particular emphasis on courses that are indicators of aptitude for a rigorous accounting program
  • SAT scores
  • The Department may also require applicants to successfully complete an exam testing mastery of Accounting 211 material and/or may also conduct interviews with select applicants

The Semester Schedule page will provide an example of required coursework.  This Semester Schedule is subject to change.