Building a culture at Smeal that welcomes, celebrates, and promotes diversity.
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Diversity at Smeal

Diversity at Smeal

Smeal is strongly committed to encouraging a sense of community that welcomes, celebrates, and promotes diversity among all of our members. Through the following services and opportunities, we work with incoming, current, and international students to enrich the academic experience, while connecting corporate partners to potential recruits.

Prospective Undergraduate Students: We offer many ways for students to learn more about the opportunities available in Smeal. Programs such as the Business Opportunities Summer Session (BOSS) introduces rising high school seniors to life at Penn State. We also offer prospective student info sessions where high school students and their families can arrange a visit with a Smeal academic adviser.

Current Undergraduate Students: By providing personalized academic counseling, connection to corporate recruiters through networking events, leadership opportunities, and access to a variety of scholarships and awards, we help students enrolled in Smeal to achieve their educational goals and reach their full potential.

Graduate Students: Through close-knit and supportive learning communities, our MBA and Ph.D. programs provide a number of leadership opportunities through diversity-focused student organizations as well as financial assistance and scholarships to meet the needs of our students.

Corporate Partners: We help facilitate contact between our corporate partners and underrepresented students through events, student organization programming, conferences, sponsorship opportunities, and networking.

Women of Smeal: This initiative is designed to provide forums for discussing and encouraging women's leadership through networking and mentoring. It is both raising awareness of existing initiatives, and also creating new opportunities for personal and professional development. The initiative, which grew from cross-constituent requests, includes alumni and students as well as our faculty and staff colleagues.