Bunton-Waller Fellowship

Information on the Mildred S. Bunton-Calvin Waller Fellowship.

Named in honor of the first-recorded African American female and male Penn State graduates, the Bunton-Waller Fellowship seeks to enhance the diversity of the student population among Smeal undergraduates and graduates. Assistantships from this program are awarded to individuals from various ethnic and cultural backgrounds with strong academic and professional potential.

Requirements for Undergraduate Students

For undergraduates, a typical student who has received this fellowship has earned a high school minimum cumulative grade-point average (GPA) of 3.5-4.0, SAT scores of at least 1800 (600 minimum for math), and has demonstrated leadership involvement.

Requirements for Graduate Students

Factors considered in assessing each Penn State Smeal MBA candidate’s application include quality and quantity of professional work experience, academic performance and potential as shown by transcripts and GMAT results, extracurricular and community activities, leadership potential, and the candidate’s ability to add strong and unique value to the overall class experience.

Bunton-Waller fellowships are awarded for two years and carry a full tuition waiver. In addition, recipients receive a monthly stipend. The tuition waiver does not include the enrollment deposit, program fees, or the cost of the global immersion experience as part of the Penn State Smeal MBA Program.