Information on sustainability research at the Penn State Smeal College of Business.

Penn State Smeal College of Business faculty members embody a wealth of expertise in their fields and maintain close connections with corporate partners, which gives them a unique perspective on how sustainability touches every aspect of global business. Smeal faculty research agendas include sustainability projects in economics, finance, management, marketing, supply chain, and other areas.

Faculty Research Topics

Specific topics that our faculty members are researching include:

  • Ethics and social responsibility as sustainable business practice. (Linda Trevino)
  • The relationships between globalization, international business, and environmental issues. (Terrence Guay)
  • Closed-loop supply chains and remanufacturing, which serve as a foundation in the development of environmentally sustainable industrial systems. (Dan Guide)
  • Intellectual property rights that can be used to encourage private investment in sustainability-related innovation. (Dan Cahoy)
  • The economic development impact of the solar and wind industries for the 13 states in the Appalachian region. (Gerald Susman)
  • Construction of cross-sectional roundtables to bring together stakeholders from business, government, and NGOs to tackle problems such as the development of sustainable packaging. (Barbara Gray)
  • The exploration of whether the online marketing medium can be used to influence people to adopt more sustainable energy consumption strategies. (Arvind Rangasawmy)
  • Transition dynamics to a sustainable future. (Raghu Garud)
  • Analysis of procurement strategies and supply chain configurations for biomass raw materials in the production of biofuels and bioenergy. (Evelyn Thomchick)