Sustainability at Smeal

Information on Sustainability at Smeal.


Our commitment to sustainability is apparent throughout the college's curricula. Educational experiences and coursework in this area are used to frame business challenges and solutions, enhance understanding, and prepare students to apply important sustainability concepts in the workplace. Concepts learned in the classroom are also being applied through the activities of student organizations such as Net Impact at both the undergraduate and MBA levels.


Sustainability-related issues are also addressed through research initiatives, both within Smeal and collaboratively across the University. Research centers at Smeal pursue a variety of projects and studies centered on efforts related to sustainability, and Smeal faculty members are exploring topics around sustainability and its tie to economic development, social responsibility, supply chains, and innovation.


Through various outreach initiatives and events including speaker series, case competitions, and volunteer opportunities, members of the Smeal community work with industry and government to provide thought leadership in understanding and implementing sustainable business practices. Activities within our own community also demonstrate the importance of these practices and how they can lead to organizational success.


The Smeal Sustainability awards recognize extraordinary achievement and service in advancing Smeal's sustainability goals in teaching, research and outreach.  One of the newest awards is the Susman Sustainability Leadership Award recently presented to Gerry Susman. Learn more about other Sustainability awards and nominating candidates.