About Us

About the sustainability initiatives and the Center for the Business of Sustainability at the Penn State Smeal College of Business.

Smeal College of Business's formal engagement with sustainability began in 2008 when then Senior Associate Dean of Research, Dr. Gerald Susman, began holding lunch talks with interested faculty. Today, sustainability is a strategic priority for Smeal and a topic that increasingly permeates the educational experiences, research activities, outreach, and operations of the college. The Center for the Business of Sustainability aligns with Smeal’s vision to be one of the very best business schools in the world. It's producing leading-edge business research brought to life in active learning environments by an outstanding faculty, and preparing graduates for productive careers in business.

Our Team

Our Advisory Board

The Advisory Board assists in guiding Smeal’s sustainability agenda by helping to match the college’s strengths with the sustainability issues that the board members encounter as they lead their corporations’ sustainability efforts. The board also benchmarks Smeal’s sustainability efforts with those of other business schools, identifies essential sustainability research areas, explores collaborations with other University sustainability initiatives, and evaluates the college’s graduate and undergraduate sustainability curricula. 

Our Committee

Much of the Center's work is accomplished through different committees of faculty members throughout Smeal,  as well as business professionals working in sustainability across the country. 

Our Interns

Our intern program is a paid experiential learning internship where students are charged with a project that relates to the Center’s mission: to accelerate the integration of sustainability in business, while also engaging with other Center staff and interns in an intentionally developmental and collaborative environment. 

Our Alumni Network

The Center collaborates with Smeal Alumni Relations to support alumni with an interest in leveraging business for positive social impact.  Specifically, we have created the Smeal Sustainability Alumni Network (SSAN) to connect Smeal with Penn State alumni who have a personal or professional interest in sustainability through business and the marketplace.