About Us

About the sustainability initiative at the Penn State Smeal College of Business.

 The Sustainability team from back row (l-r): Michelle Darnell, Carl Pfleger, Fran Lutz, Erik Foley, Gerry Susman, Jon Stevens, Andy Kaufman, Wayne Balta; from front row (l-r):Jim Gowen, Sophia Schuster, Lisa Conway, Neha Kumari, Lori Michelin, Steve Levitsky.

Director of Sustainability at Smeal

Erik Foley is the new Director of Sustainability at Smeal. Before coming to Smeal, Erik was the Managing Director at Penn State's Sustainability Institute, the mission of which is to integrate sustainability across all major functions of the university: research, teaching, outreach and operations.

Smeal Sustainability Strategic Plan

Our vision is that Smeal will be a top‐ten business school in the area of sustainability through our teaching, research, and outreach.

Smeal Sustainability Council

Consisting of the directors from six of the college’s research centers, two associate deans, and other key faculty, the Sustainability Council meets regularly to develop new collaborative initiatives, further the college’s sustainability agenda, and encourage cross-disciplinary programs.

Sustainability Advisory Board

Advisory board members lend their experience and expertise to the Sustainability Council and serve as conduits to the latest corporate developments in sustainable business practices. The board assists in guiding Smeal’s sustainability agenda by helping to match the college’s strengths with the sustainability issues that the board members encounter as they lead their corporations’ sustainability efforts. The board also benchmarks Smeal’s sustainability efforts with those of other business schools, identifies essential sustainability research areas, explores collaborations with other University sustainability initiatives, and evaluates the college’s graduate and undergraduate sustainability curricula.