Integrity Resources

Integrity resources videos on exam taking, interviews with current Smeal students, Dean Whiteman, Alumni, doing your own work. Rocks Ethics Institute Colloquium

From the classroom to the workplace, we offer a number of resources to help you promote integrity and ethical behavior.

Student Integrity Awareness Videos

The following student integrity awareness videos were developed by The Undergraduate International Student Academic Integrity Focus Group to engage first year students in conversation about honor and integrity.

In addition to utilizing these resources, we urge you to speak up if you suspect unethical behavior, and to hold your community accountable for upholding integrity and ethical behavior.


What should you do if you suspect or observe an incident of academic misconduct? Contact one of the following individuals:

  • The individual involved in the incident, and encourage him/her to inform the instructor of his/her wrongdoing.
  • Your course instructor. Contact your instructor via e-mail, phone, or in person (before or after class, or during office hours). By notifying your instructor, you will alert him/her of the incident.
  • Your TA if one is assigned to your course.
  • Another trusted instructor who can provide you with guidance.


What should you do if you believe an incident of academic misconduct has occurred in your class?  Follow these steps:

  1. Complete the Academic Integrity Form.
  2. Meet with the student to discuss the allegation and sanction. The student may choose to accept the terms set forth on the form or contest the allegation and/or sanction.
  3. Either way, submit the form to the college’s Academic Integrity Records Coordinator, Monica Snyder, in 202 Business Building. Even if the sanction is a warning only, it is important to still submit the form.
  4. For incidents involving MBA or EMBA students, refer to a separate process.

Faculty and Staff

What should I do if I suspect or observe unethical conduct? Contact one of the following individuals or resources:

  • The individual involved in the incident, and encourage him/her to inform the supervisor of his/her wrongdoing.
  • Your supervisor (if the matter does not involve your supervisor). By notifying your supervisor, you will alert him/her to the situation.
  • The Human Resources Manager who can provide you with guidance.
  • Penn State Hotline at 800-560-1637 or online; both are anonymous and available 24/7.

Some other helpful University resources include: