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Smeal honor and integrity about administration committees and advisors

The college-wide integrity initiative first started in the Penn State Smeal MBA Program. Drafted in partnership with students, faculty, and passionate alumni, in 2006, the Honor Code was introduced to the Smeal undergraduate community in 2007.

The Honor Code has grown from a document stating what we intend to do both inside and outside of the classroom to a living document that now strengthens the connections between all members of the Smeal community. Students continue to play an active role in shaping the Honor Code process and the Smeal community’s commitment to integrity. Faculty, staff, and administrators have and continue to support this student-led initiative, helping to prepare students for ethical success as tomorrow’s principled business leaders.  Alumni have also actively contributed to the development of the Honor Code, and the college’s Board of Visitors, Alumni Society Board, and MBA Alumni Advisory Board continue to review progress and make recommendations to strengthen the culture of integrity. Our corporate partners have also continued to express their support of the Honor Code. Companies view the Honor Code and its implications for the Smeal community as a validation of why they recruit at Penn State. Many recruiters are now also asking students in interviews about their experiences with the Honor Code.