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Giving Voice to Values

In recognition of the critical role staff play in the success of Smeal, along with Smeal’s commitment to continuously developing a culture of Honor & Integrity, a new professional development opportunity is being provided to further empower staff to act on their values in the workplace. All staff members are encouraged to apply to be a part of our first offering of a Giving Voice to Values (GVV) professional development opportunity.

GVV, developed by Dr. Mary Gentile, has been used widely in undergraduate, MBA and executive education programs in business schools around the world. GVV also has been utilized by many corporate audiences as a stand-alone program and as an integrated part of leadership development or ethics programs. Smeal is the first college at PennState to offer this learning opportunity to staff, with an initial offering scheduled for Spring 2019.

GVV starts from the premise that we want to act on our values, but that we also want to feel we have a reasonable chance of doing so successfully; GVV is designed to help individuals become more effective in acting on values even when there are pressures to do otherwise. Those who are selected to participate in this professional development opportunity will: work together to explore the factors that encourage (and discourage) us from voicing our values; identify what values conflicts are and how to see them as a normal part of the modern workplace; discuss reasons why we often remain silent even when we know something is not right; develop plans to achieve solutions when we are faced with the need to act on our values; listen more to others who are trying to voice their values and help be a change agent to improve our college.

Time Commitment: This professional development opportunity will take place in January and February of 2019. Those who are selected to participate will be expected to dedicate approximately 1 hour per week, for 6 weeks, to complete online learning activities or meet in person for discussions with other staff in this Spring 19 cohort. Additionally, participants are expected to lead a 1-hour lunch-and-learn discussion with the broader Smeal community at the end of the professional development program. Time dedicated to the GVV program will be incorporated into your normal work schedule, and thus approval by your supervisor will be required for participation.

Outcomes: Recognition of achievement will be provided to those staff that successfully complete this professional development program. Participants will be able to cite this program as an example of satisfying the new Smeal unit-wide goal, assigned to all staff members, to “Support Smeal’s culture by actively engaging in activities that demonstrate and further develop the college’s commitments to integrity.”