Student involvement integrity advocates

The Penn State Values of community, responsibility, respect, integrity, discovery and excellence unite all of us across the University. At the Smeal College of Business, we live these values through our shared commitment to Honor & Integrity. 

As a student at Smeal, you are provided an opportunity to develop skills associated with ethical leadership, and practice those skills now. Ethics is a cornerstone of long term success in business, and recruiters seek potential employees with whom they can trust their brand. Smeal has a long standing tradition of being committed to Honor & Integrity, but our reputation is dependent on the actions of Smeal students.

Certified Honor & Integrity Student Organizations

Smeal Student Organizations can voluntarily participate in a certification process, which results in formal recognition of those organizations that explicitly incorporate and support our shared commitment to honor and integrity. 

Current certified H&I student organizations at Smeal are:

  • Accounting Society
  • Asset Management Group (AMG)
  • Assistance in Transition to University Park (ATUP)
  • Delta Sigma Pi
  • International Business
  • Leveraged Lion
  • Net Impact
  • Nittany Lion Consulting Group (NLCG)
  • Professional Management Association (PMA)
  • Smeal Student Council (SSC)
  • Smeal Student Mentors
  • VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance)

If your student organization is interested in becoming H&I certified, please contact

How You Can Support Honor & Integrity

  • Sign the Honor Code to show your support of Smeal’s commitment to Honor & Integrity, and post that “I Signed The Code” on social media accounts. This helps students who are new to our community understand that a Smeal degree stands for ethical business, and communicates to potential employees that you understand the role of ethics in business.
  • Understand what Academic Integrity means: Contact your instructor if you need clarification. By taking this responsibility, you will support your own success while at Smeal!
  • Highlight integrity in your personal branding: Keep your social media accounts professional, be honest on your resumé, show respect in your communications, and honor your commitments when you RSVP to attend an event.
  • Be a leader: If you see something that violates our honor code, do something to make the situation better. Support your peers who might not realize that their actions are hurting their long term self-interest, and are also jeopardizing the Smeal reputation. Remember, your instructors are excellent resources to help with this, as is the Office of Honor & Integrity.
  • Send a PAWS-itive Note: Celebrate our community by recognizing the contributions of others. Take a moment to encourage a peer, faculty, or staff member who has made a difference. You can recognize their "Positive Act Within Smeal" by contacting the Integrity Advocates for a notecard. Small acts of kindness like this benefit both the recipient and you. It feels good to spread cheer!

While the above actions are important, if you are ready to further differentiate yourself by actively developing your ethical leadership skills, get involved in one or more of our student initiatives.

The John M. & Anne B. Stevens Academic Integrity Award

Awarded to graduating senior (or seniors) who demonstrate leadership in academic integrity by serving on a college committee, task force or in a leadership role, dedicated to upholding the Smeal Honor Code and to promoting a culture of academic integrity.

For additional information and how to apply, visit the Smeal Senior Awards website.