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Teaching Resources

Visit our Teaching Resources page to view the current guidelines and procedures.

Honor Code

As you know, Smeal has a long-standing commitment to Honor & Integrity. One way we demonstrate this commitment is through our Honor Code. 

Many of you encourage your students to sign the Honor Code in your classes. This effort is much appreciated.  In an effort to provide faculty more freedom with respect to when they choose to encourage awareness of our Honor Code in their classes (e.g. before an exam), and to make signing the Honor Code more accessible, it is now possible to sign the Code online, at any time. I encourage you to share that link with your students via Canvas, reminding students of the standards to which they are held.

It is also important to explicitly signal that we, as a community, are committed to an ethical culture. High participation in public Honor Code signing events, for example, sends a message to students that individual members of our community hold shared values, which can influence the behaviors of members joining our community. To reinforce that we truly are committed to an ethical culture, we will continue to hold an Honor Code Signing event in the fall semester. The fall signing events are designed to celebrate this important element of our culture at the start of the new academic year and welcome students back into our community after their summer hiatus.

Your efforts to support Smeal’s commitments to Honor & Integrity are appreciated.

Getting Involved

From leading by example and signing the Honor Code to small-group discussions, there are a number of ways for faculty and staff to promote integrity and ethical behavior.

PAWS-itive Notes

We can celebrate our community by recognizing the contributions of others. Take a moment to encourage a student, faculty, or staff member who has made a difference. Recognize their "Positive Act Within Smeal" by contacting the Integrity Advocates for a notecard.  Small acts of kindness like this benefit both the recipient and you. It feels good to spread cheer!