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Doctoral Students

Doctoral students in the Risk Management department are participants in the department's teaching and research programs. We include here complete contact information for the doctoral students in the department.

Risk Management Doctoral Students Contact Information
Name (Last, First) E-mail Phone Office Address

Portrait of Walter D'Lima
DLima, Walter

wjd152@psu.edu 814-863-5454
360A Business Building
Garate, Sergio srg222@psu.edu 814-863-5453 308A Business Building

Portrait of Thao Le
Le, Thao

ttl129@psu.edu 814- 333A Business Building
Lopez, Luis lal281@psu.edu 814-863-5454 360A Business Building
Portrait of Yannan Shen
Shen, Yannan
yzs131@psu.edu 814-
333A Business Building
Thibodeau, Mark mnt126@psu.edu 814-863-5453 308A Business Building
Portrait of Greg Wommer
Wommer, Gregory
gyw5019@psu.edu 814- 333A Business Building