Complete contact information for faculty in the Department of Risk Management in the Smeal College of Business at Penn State University. Includes topics in Actuarial Science, Business Law, Business Economics, International Business, Real Estate and Insurance.

The Risk Management Department faculty have the central responsibility of the department's teaching and research programs. We include here complete contact information for the faculty.

Risk Management Faculty Contact Information
Name (Last, First) Title E-mail Office Address

Crocker, Keith

Department Chair

The William Elliott Chaired Professor of Insurance and Risk Management


355 Business Building
Ambrose, Brent

Smeal Professor of Risk Management

Director, Institute for Real Estate Studies

Director, Smeal Ph.D. program

bwa10@psu.edu 381 Business Building
Cahoy, Daniel

Professor of Business Law

Dean's Faculty Fellow in Business Law

DanCahoy@psu.edu 310 Business Building
Cather, Dave Clinical Professor of Risk Management dac32@psu.edu 316 Business Building
Ghinos, Cassandra Instructor of International Business 467 Business Building
Greaves, Fiona Clinical Assistant Professor of Business Law fmg10@psu.edu 308 Business Building
Guay, Terrence Clinical Professor of International Business trg12@psu.edu 324 Business Building
Hammell, Amanda Adjunct Instructor ajw102@psu.edu 381A Business Building
Kaplan, Kyle Clinical Assistant Professor of Business Law 346 Business Building
Kelly, Maurie Adjunct Instructor mck4@psu.edu 356 Business Building
Kwasnica, Anthony

Professor of Business Economics

Director, Laboratory for Economic Management and Auctions (LEMA)

kwasnica@psu.edu 332 Business Building
Maull, Karen Clinical Assistant Professor of Business Law kem30@psu.edu 364 Business Building
Meehan, Mallory

Clinical Assistant Professor of Real Estate

Assistant Director for the Institute for Real Estate Studies

323 Business Building

Mhando, Peter

Associate Teaching Professor of International Business pxm269@psu.edu 315 Business Building
Peng, Liang Professor of Risk Management 359 Business Building
Posey, Lisa Associate Professor of Risk Management llp3@psu.edu 369 Business Building
Putterman, Steven Professor of Practice in Risk Management slp5096@psu.edu 331 Business Building
Sharp, Jeff

Associate Dean for International Programs

Associate Professor of Business Law

jms16@psu.edu 309 Business Building
Steiner, Eva

Associate Professor of Real Estate

ems6770@psu.edu 306A Business Building
Tergiman, Chloe Assistant Professor of Business Economics 334 Business Building

Thomas, James

The William Elliott Professor of Risk and Management j2t@psu.edu 340 Business Building
Weaver, Lisa Adjunct Instructor lsw10@psu.edu 355 Business Building
Yoshida, Jiro Associate Professor of Business juy18@psu.edu 368 Business Building

Yuan, Zhongyi

Associate Professor of Risk Management zuy11@psu.edu 362 Business Building

Zhu, Nan

Associate Professor of Risk Management 303 Business Building


Emeritus Faculty
Name (Last, First) Title E-mail Office Address
Gebhardtsbauer, Ron Clinical Professor Emeritus rug16@psu.edu

 361 Business Building

Lusht, Kenneth Professor Emeritus
Shapiro, Arnold Professor Emeritus
Welmon, Vernis Clinical Professor Emeritus