An outline of research in the Risk Management Department in the Smeal College of Business at Penn State University. This material includes Real Estate and Risk Management.

Faculty members in the Risk Management Department at Smeal cover a wide range of research topics, including corporate risk management, real estate financial analysis, tax and accounting fraud, pensions, retirement, and social security tax, and intellectual property law.

Specific information about each faculty member’s research interests can be accessed via the faculty directory.

Additionally, the department works closely with centers and institutes at Smeal, utilizing labs and resources at the college to advance research initiatives, including the following:

  • The Borrelli Institute for Real Estate Studies: Established in 1985, the Institute fosters discussion and research between academicians and business professionals in the area of real estate and provides a focal point for real estate education at Penn State through research, scholarship, professional development, and outreach.
  • Laboratory for Economics Management and Auctions: The LEMA lab provides researchers in economics and management at Smeal with a controlled environment to evaluate decision-making and risk-taking behavior.