Smeal Sustainability Council

Consisting of the directors from six of the college’s research centers, two associate deans, and other key faculty, the Sustainability Council meets regularly to develop new collaborative initiatives, further the college’s sustainability agenda, and encourage cross-disciplinary programs.
Smeal Sustainability Council
Image Name Title(s)
Director, Center for the Business of Sustainability; Instructor, Management and Organization, Chair of the Sustainability Council
Portrait of Samual Bonsall. Samuel Bonsall Reeves Family Early Career Professor in Accounting, Associate Professor - Accounting
Portrait of Daniel Cahoy. Daniel Cahoy Professor, Dean's Faculty Fellow in Business Law - Risk Management, Research Director of the Center for the Business of Sustainability
Portrait of Ron Johnson. Ron Johnson Associate Teaching Professor - Management and Organization
Portrait of Kyle Kaplan. Kyle Kaplan Clinical Assistant Professor of Business Law
Portrait of Maurie Kelly. Maurie Kelly Instructor of International Business, Smeal College of Business; Director of Informatics, Penn State Institutes of Energy and the Environment
Portrait of Steve Lenkey. Stephen Lenkey Assistant Professor of Finance
Portrait of Judd Michael. Judd Michael Nationwide Insurance Professor of Safety & Health Professor of Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Portrait of Suresh Muthulingam. Suresh Muthulingam Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management
Portrait of Christine Novinskie Olbrich. Christine Novinskie Olbrich Coordinator, Undergraduate Education
Portrait of Özge Pala. Özge Pala Assistant Teaching Professor - Management and Organization
Portrait of Ashley Rippey. Ashley Rippey Director, Business Career Center
Portrait of Karen Winterich. Karen Winterich Professor, Frank and Mary Smeal Research Fellow - Marketing
Portrait of Suzanne Wright. Suzanne Wright Associate Teaching Professor - Accounting, Chair of the Education & Engagement Working Group
Portrait of Jiro Yoshida. Jiro Yoshida Associate Professor of Business - Risk Management 
Portrait of Charlene Zietsma. Charlene Zietsma Associate Professor, John and Becky Surma Dean's Research Fellow  - Management and Organization