Faculty and PhD Student Publications of the Department of Real Estate

Student Publications

Many of our students publish their research papers in top real estate journals, often in collaboration with faculty. We list here a selection of student papers published since 2010 to provide a sense of the breadth and depth of the knowledge creation by doctoral students in our program.



  • Ambrose, Brent W., Moussa Diop, Walter D’Lima, and Mark Thibodeau, “Risk and Performance of Mutual Funds’ Securitized Mortgage Investments,” Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, (2018: Forthcoming).



  • Ambrose, Brent W., Moussa Diop, and Jiro Yoshida, “Product Market Competition and Corporate Real Estate Investment under Demand Uncertainty,” Real Estate Economics (2017) 45:3, 521-590.
  • Ambrose, Brent W., Charles Cao, and Walter D’Lima, “Real Estate Risk and Hedge Fund Returns,” Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics (2016) 52:3, 197-225. 


  • Kwasnica, Anthony, Cahoy, Daniel, & Lopez, Luis, "The Role of Auctions in University Intellectual Property Transactions," Duquesne Law Review (2015) 54:1, 53-80.
  • Ambrose, Brent W., and Moussa Diop, “Spillover Effects of Subprime Mortgage Originations: The Effects of the Single-family Mortgage Credit Expansion on the Multifamily Rental Market,” Journal of Urban Economics (2014) 81, 114-135.
  • Ambrose, Brent W., and James N. Conklin, “Mortgage Brokers, Origination Fees, Price Transparency and Competition,” Real Estate Economics (2014) 42:2, 363-421.
  • Ooi, Joseph & Le, Thao, "The Spillover Effects of Infill Developments on Local Housing Prices," Regional Science and Urban Economics, (Nov 2013) 43:6, 850-861.

  • Ambrose, Brent W., & Conklin, James, "Mortgage Brokers, Origination Fees, Price Transparency and Competition," Real Estate Economics, (2013).
  • Ambrose, Brent W. and Xun Bian, “Stock Market Information and REIT Earnings Management,” Journal of Real Estate Research (2010) 21:1 101-137.

    2009 Best Paper Award at the Structural Issues Facing Real Estate Investment Trusts Conference, Baruch College, New York, NY.