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Faculty Achievements

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Recent Achievements

Carolyn Todd and Fred Hurvitz were recently promoted to Senior Instructor in Marketing to acknowledge their many years of dedicated service to the department and the students. (December 2016)

Data for "Purchase, Play, and Upgrade " Research Opportunity was awarded to Duncan Fong for his paper on 'Scalable Bayesian Inference of Dynamic Segmentation Model with Variable Selection: Analyzing Large-Scale Longitudinal Consumer Behavior Data.' (August 2016)

J. Andrew Petersen was recently made an Area Editor for the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science (JAMS). (July 2016)

Karen Winterich has been invited to serve a 2 year appointment on the Editorial Review Board for Journal of Marketing Research. (July 2016)

Dave Winterich has been selected as the recipient of the 2016 Fred Brand, Jr. Teaching Award. (June 2016)

Karen Winterich has been awarded the 2016 Sustainability Faculty Award for her extraordinary achievement and service in Smeal's sustainability goals in teaching, research and outreach. (May 2016)

Wayne DeSarbo has been selected as a 2016 Fellow of the American Statistical Association for his outstanding contributions to the statistical profession. (April 2016)

The following are changes and additions to the college’s list of fellowships and professorships for those in the Marketing Department. Each recognizes research excellence: Lisa Bolton and Duncan Fong - Frank and Mary Jean Smeal Research Fellowship, Min Ding - Bard Professor of Marketing, and Meg Meloy - Calvin E. and Pamela T. Zimmerman University Endowed Fellowship in John and Becky Surma Business Administration. (January 2016)

            In the News

            New Research from Penn State Smeal examines 'jilting effect' on consumersNew research from the Penn State Smeal College of Business, Meg Meloy, suggests that when people have an expectation of receiving a highly attractive option and then it falls through, what they possess no longer seems as satisfying as it once did. (November 2016)

            Competing Interests: Customers vs. Wall Street, Marketing News. Ralph Oliva, a director of of the Institute for the Study of Business Markets, and professor of marketing, co-authored a story that advocates CEOs and marketers to concentrate more on satisfying customers than trying to please Wall Street or shareholders. (May 2016)

            Focus on research: March Madness is the avid sports fan's (and sports marketer's) dream, Centre Daily Times. Wayne DeSarbo, Smeal Chair Distinguished Professor of Marketing and executive director of The Center for Sports Business & Research, wrote a Focus on Research column about fan avidity, especially as it relates to the NCAA men's division I basketball tournament.(March 2016)

            2016's Best & Worst Cities for Easter Celebrations, WalletHub. Lisa Bolton, professor of marketing and Fred Hurvitz, Kohl's Professor of Practice in Retail, participated in a question-and-answer exchange about personal finance practices related to the Easter holiday. (March 2016)

            Focus on research: Golf performance is tied to placebo power of brands, Center Daily Times. Lisa Bolton, professor of marketing and Frank and Mary Jean Smeal Research Fellow, wrote about research she and two colleagues conducted that revealed people who use a recognized brand perform better than when using an off brand — a performance brand placebo effect.(March 2016)

            Research reveals brand perceptions can make a difference in performance. While superior craftsmanship in a product can contribute to enhanced performance, a forthcoming paper co-authored by Lisa Bolton, professor of marketing and Frank and Mary Jean Smeal Research Fellow at the Penn State Smeal College of Business, reveals that merely believing a product to be better can also improve results. (March 2016)

            How an Expensive Suit Can Make You Better at Your Job - Bloomberg Business. Research conducted by Lisa Bolton, professor of marketing, is cited that revealed that using brand-name gear can provide a noticeable placebo effect that could boost performance. (February 2016)

            The Branding Placebo - The Economist Group. Lisa Bolton, professor of marketing, co-authored an article that details her research that shows brands can make a difference to consumers’ performance. The article previews the full manuscript that will be published in the April issue of The Journal of Consumer Research. (February 2016)

            Recent Publications

            Garvey, Aaron, and Lisa E. Bolton (2017), “Eco-Product Choice Cuts Both Ways: How Pro-Environmental Licensing versus Reinforcement is Contingent upon Environmental Consciousness,” Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, forthcoming. (March 2017)

            Lisa E. Bolton and Anna S. Mattila received an Honorable Mention for the William R. Davidson Best Paper Award Journal of Retailing 2015 for their paper titled “How does Corporate Social Responsibility Affect Consumer Response to Service Failure in Buyer-Seller Relationships?”. (February 2017)

            Eelco Kappe's paper "Predicting the Consequences of Marketing Policy Changes: A New Data Enrichment Method with Competitive Reactions" has been accepted in the Journal of Marketing Research. (December 2016)

            Aaron Garvey, Meg Meloy and Baba Shiv’s article “The Jilting Effect:  Antecedents, Mechanisms, and Consequences for Preference," has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Marketing Research. (October 2016)

            "Performance Brand Placebos: How Brands Improve Performance and Consumers Take the Credit" by Aaron M. Garvey, Frank Germann and Lisa E. Bolton, forthcoming in the Journal of Consumer Research (January 2016)