Faculty Achievements

News and awards from the Marketing Department in Penn State

Recent Achievements


Karen Winterich has been named a co-editor for the Journal of Marketing Research. (February 2023)

Andrew Petersen, and three other researchers, were part of the six proposals that were granted funding for projects about using AI for social good. Read more here(January 2023)

Jennifer Coupland has been nominated as an "All-American Teacher". A program sponsored by TIAA and partners with Penn State Athletics to recognize a "Teacher of the Game" at home football games. (September 2022)

Karen Winterich received the Smeal Impact Awared. This award recognizes the ultimate measure of excellence in teaching is its impact on student success after they graduate. Nominations are made by Smeal alumni. (September 2022)

Karen Winterich has been announced as President-Elect for the American Marketing Association. Winterich's term as President will be 2023-2024. (September 2022) 

Sara Dommer was recently on the Intuitive Customer podcast talking about some of her research. You can listen here on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. (June 2022)

Stefan Wuyts received the 2022 Oustanding Area Editor Award for the International Journal of Research in Marketing. (June 2022)

Congratulations to Karen Winterich and her co-authors for being the winners of the Davidson award.  Sustainable Retailing by Gautham G.Vadakkepatt, Karen Page Winterich, Vikas Mittal, Walter Zinn, Lauren Beitelspacher, John Aloysius, Jessica Ginger, Julie Reilman. (May 2022)

Congratulations to Franklin Carter for winning the AMA Collegiate Advisor Lifetime Achievement Award. (April 2022) 

Meg Meloy and James Abbey won the JOM Ambassador Paper Award for their 2017 work on attention checks. The paper is here. The 2022 JOM Ambassador Paper Award recognizes the paper published between 2017 and 2021 with the most journal citations outside a list of core operations management journals (DSJ, IJLM, IJOPM, IJPE, IJPR, JBL, JOM, JSCM, MS, MSOM, Omega, POM, IJLRA, IJPDLM, JPSM, OMR, and PP&C). (April 2022)

John Liechty, former high-frequency trader, Zak David, and economist, Christ Carroll from Johns Hopkins University, were granted a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) grant for $594,166. The grant is to help Liechty's team build a financial simulation system that can realistically explore a range of important questions over the span of nine months. (March 2022)

Karen Winterich was interviewed by the Financial Times on consumer choices and brand sustainability. Full article and interview can be found here. (December 2021)

Brett Christenson and his co-authors, Lindsay Singleton and Tessa Recendes, were recognized by Forbes for their research Across the Aisle: Unlocking the Bipartison Power of ESG. The article can be found here. (October 2021) 

Gary Lilien and Raji Srinivasan are the recipients of the Naresh K. Malhotra award for 2021. The award was for the article that makes the greatest long-term contribution amongst those published in the Review of Marketing Research. Article: Design Orientation and New Product Performance, Raji Srinivasan & Gary Lilien, Review of Marketing Research, Volume 15. (September 2021)

Jennifer Coupland has been selected as the recipient of the 2021 Fred Brand, Jr. Teaching Award. This award is made annually to a non-tenure track faculty member in the Smeal College of Business who has demonstrated excellence in the area of undergraduate teaching. (September 2021)

Franklin Carter accepted a position on the AMA 2020-21 Collegiate Chapter’s Council (CCC).  The AMA Collegiate Chapters Council (CCC) is a selected group of faculty volunteers who act as liaisons between the interests of the AMA student membership, its collegiate chapter faculty advisors and the AMA. The CCC, in conjunction with staff at the AMA Support Center, is primarily responsible for the design, implementation, maintenance and assessment of all programs provided to the AMA collegiate community. (May 2020)

Karen Winterich was featured in a Q&A for Discover Magazine: https://www.discovermagazine.com/environment/what-will-it-take-to-get-people-to-be-more-sustainable. (May 2020)

Karen Winterich was awarded the MSI/H. Paul Root Award. The award is given to the article that has made the most significant contribution to the advancement of the practice of marketing in a calendar year. It is cosponsored by the American Marketing Association and the Marketing Science Institute. The award will be given in August at Summer AMA. (March 2020)

Karen Winterich recently received an award for responsible business research by RRBM for her paper, “Keeping the Memory but Not the Possession: Memory Preservation Mitigates Identity Loss from Product Disposition”. The American Marketing Association (AMA), has named her a recipient of the AMA-EBSCO Responsible Research in Marketing award. More information can be found at the following URL: https://www.ama.org/2020/02/15/ama-ebsco-annual-award-for-responsible-research-in-marketing-inaugural-recipients-announced/ (February 2020)

Johanna Slot and Stefan Wuyts with Inge Geyskens (Tilburg University) have their paper ‘Buyer Participation in Outsourced NPD Projects: The Role of Relationship Multiplexity’ accepted at the Journal of Operations Management. (February 2020)

John Liechty received a $20,000 grant from the College of Medicine to study the cost of knee and hip replacement surgeries, with the goal of developing methods for measuring the cost of medical procedures in general. (September 2019)

Stefan Wuyts has received an Outstanding Area Editor Award for the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science (JAMS). (May 2019)

Dave Winterich has been promoted to Assistant Teaching Professor, effective July 1, 2019. (April 2019)

Gary Lilien's paper with Raji Srinivasan entitled "Design Orientation and New Product Performance" was published in the Review of Marketing Research, Volume 15, (2018). It has won the Emerald Literati Award for Excellence, recognizing the most outstanding and impactful article published in the journal in the previous year. (March 2019)

Gary Lilien has been named an Academic Trustee of the Marketing Science Institute. In that position, his role will be to put more focus on the B2B domain within MSI's research and interchange agendas. (March 2019) 

Jenny Van Doorn, Martin Mende, Stephanie M. Noble, John Hulland, Amy L. Ostrom, Dhruv Grewal and Andrew Petersen's recent paper, "Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto: Emergence of Automated Social Presence in Organizational Frontlines and Customers’ Service Experiences," Journal of Service Research, 20 (1), 43-58 won the Best Article in the Journal of Service Research (JSR) for 2017. (September 2018)

Andrew Petersen was recognized for his exemplary contributions as a valued Reviewer of the Journal of Marketing (JM), and presented with the 2018 Outstanding Reviewer Award, for the period July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018. (July 2018)

Gary Lilien’s paper with Arnaud De Bruyn, “A Multi-Stage Model of Word-Of-Mouth Influence”  International Journal of Research in Marketing Vol 25 no 3 Sept 2008, pp 151-163,  won the JB Steenkamp IJRM Long Term Impact award, given to the paper that has had the largest impact on the field that was published in the period from 2003 to 2008.  Since its publication, the paper has garnered nearly 900 citations (Google Scholar). (June 2018)

Karen Winterich has been promoted to Professor effective July 1, 2018. (May 2018)

Andrew Petersen received an Outstanding Area Editor Award, based on his performance in the past year for JAMS(Journal of Academy of Marketing Science). (April 2018)

The Penn State Strategic Communications released its Biannual Report (July 1 – Dec. 31, 2017) in the beginning of March and Marketing was featured in two categories: Karen Winterich was included in the “Top expert placements” category for being featured on CNBC. A faculty-written piece by Karen Winterich titled “Cherishing stuff with a photo can help you let go of it” received 53,169 reads on The Conversation and was republished in 24 news outlets including CNN and International Business Times. (March 2018)

Gary Lilien’s paper Management and Mismanagement of SME Accounts in Business-to-Business Markets with Christian Schmitz, You-Cheong Lee and Lukas Isenberg won Best Paper, Sales, Leadership and Human Resources Track, Winter AMA. (March 2018)

Meg Meloy has been elected the President for the Society for Consumer Psychology. (March 2018)

In the News

Karen Winterich was featured in the new series to showcase Smeal faculty whose research and/or teaching advances theory and practice of sustainable business. (July 2018)

In the surcharge blame game, companies tend to finish last. Companies may bear the brunt of the blame for imposing surcharges on consumers, even when an outside agency foisted those charges on the company, according to an international team of researchers. Lisa Bolton (April 2018)

Penn State expands data analytics program with option in marketing analytics. Penn State has expanded its online graduate program in data analytics with a new course of study in marketing analytics. Chelsea Hammond, clinical assistant professor and director of the program, said today’s businesses want to leverage marketing data to help them be more successful. (January 2018)

Best Business Credit Cards. Andrew Petersen, associated professor of marketing, participated in a question-and-answer about various aspects of business credit cards. (December 2017)

How to Dispute Credit Report Errors. Andrew Petersen, associate professor of marketing, participated in a question-and-answer about what most people know about disputing credit report errors. (October 2017)

Vogue Society: Penn State alumna and mother become 'Girlbosses' with fashion boutique. Though Kaitlyn didn’t join any fashion clubs while at Penn State, she credits Marketing 422: Advertising and Sales Promotion Management, one of the courses in the Penn State Smeal College of Business taught by Karen Winterich, an associate professor of marketing and a Frank and Mary Smeal Research Fellow, for giving her skills that have helped her succeed in running a business. (September 2017)

Recent Publications

Meg Meloy, Dan Guide, Ashley Stadler Blank, and Aydin Alptekinoglu, had their paper "Can mass customization slow fast fashion down? The impact on time-to-disposal and willingness-to-pay." accepted at the Journal of Operations Management. (April 2023)

Lisa Bolton, Meg Meloy, and Gretchen Ross (Assistant Professor of Marketing at Texas Christian University), had their paper "Disorder in Secondhand Retail Spaces: The Countervailing Forces of Hidden Treasure and Risk" accepted at the Journal of Retailing. (December 2022). 

ISBM launched their 2nd edition of Handbook of B2B Marketing. The handbook was edited by Stefan Wuyts, Gary Lilien, and Andrew Petersen. (November 2022)

Karen Winterich, Gabe Gonzales, and Gergana Nenkov's 2019 Journal of Marketing paper on recycling, “Knowing What It Makes: How Product Transformation Salience Increases Recycling”. was the distinguished winner of the 2022 AMA EBSCO RRBM award for responsible research in marketing. (September 2022) 

Sara Dommer's paper Role Integration Increases the Fungibility of Mentally-accounted Funds with Iman Paul and Jeffrey R. Parker has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Marketing Research. (August 2022)

Gary Lilien’s paper Managing Ad Hoc Sales Encounters in B2B Markets With Christian Schmitz, Lukas Isenberg, and You Cheong Lee has been accepted for publication in Industrial Marketing Management. (May 2022)

Karen Winterich and Saerom Lee, University of Guelph, had their paper accepted at the Journal of Marketing The Price Entitlement Effect: When and Why Price Entitles Consumers to Purchase Socially Costly Products. (May 2022)

Johanna Slot, Stefan Wuyts, and Inge Geyskens’ paper “Buyer participation in outsourced new product development projects: The role of relationship multiplexity” (2020), Journal of Operations Management66(5), 578-612, was selected as a finalist for the Jack Meredith Best Paper Award of all papers published in the Journal of Operations Management in 2020. (May 2021)

"Disorder and Downsizing" by Gretchen R Ross, Margaret G. Meloy, and Lisa E. Bolton was published in the Journal of Consumer Research, Volume 47, Issue 6. (October 2020)

Min Ding's book Logical Creative Thinking Methods was published by Routledge. (April 2020)

Min Ding's paper with Yinghui Zhou and Shasha Lu, "Contour-as-Face (CaF) Framework: A Method to Preserve Privacy and Perception" has been accepted at Journal of Marketing Research. (March 2020)

Yifan Zhang’s paper “Using a Hidden Markov Model to Measure Earnings Quality” with Kai Du, Steven Huddart and Lingzhou Xue has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Accounting & Economics. (November 2019)

"The Marketing of Love: How Attachment Styles Affect Romantic Consumption Journeys" by Martin Mende, Maura L. Scott, Aaron M. Garvey, and Lisa E. Bolton, forthcoming in the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science (September 2018).  

Gary Lilien's paper "Within-Seller and Buyer–Seller Network Structures and Key Account Profitability”, with Aditya Gupta (Texas State), Alok Kumar (University of Nebraska) and Raj Grewal (University of North Carolina) has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Marketing. (August 2018)

"Bayesian multidimensional scaling procedure with variable selection" by L. Lin and D. K. H. Fong, has been accepted for publication in Computational Statistics and Data Analysis. (July 2018)

"When Celebrities Count: Power Distance Beliefs and Celebrity Endorsements” by Karen Page Winterich, Manish Gangwar, and Rajdeep Grewal, has been accepted for publication at Journal of Marketing. (March 2018)

"A Factorial Hidden Markov Model for the Analysis of Temporal Change in Choice Models" by Amirali Kani, Wayne S. DeSarbo, and Duncan K. H. Fong, has been accepted for publication in Customer Needs and Solutions. (February 2018)

Martin Mende, Maura L. Scott and Lisa E. Bolton's paper "All That Glitters Is Not Gold: The Penalty Effect of Conspicuous Consumption in Services and How It Changes with Customers and Contexts" has been accepted in the Journal of Service Research(January 2018)

Stephanie Liu, Anna S. Mattila and Lisa E. Bolton's paper "Selling Painful yet Pleasurable Service Offerings: An Examination of Hedonic Appeals" has been accepted in the Journal of Service Research. (January 2018)

Saerom Lee, Hans Baumgartner and Karen Winterich's paper "Did They Earn It? Observing Unearned Luxury Consumption Decreases Brand Attitude When Observers Value Fairness" has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Consumer Psychology. (January 2018)