Why Marketing?

Hear from Smeal Marketing students and faculty on why Marketing is the major for you.

Get to know Meg Meloy, Marketing Department Chair, Professor of Marketing, David H. McKinley Professor of Business Administration. 


Why Choose Marketing?


Marketers today recognize the need to think long term about the actions of consumers and businesses. Gerarld I. Susman Professor in Sustainability, Karen Winterich, explains how her passion for sustainability evolved from her marketing research and has led to opportunities to share that passion in her teaching. As an undergrad, you will be able to learn more about sustainable behavior through Professor Winterich’s MKTG 442 class.

Consumer Behavior

Consumer Behavior is one of the three main research areas in Marketing. Anchel Professor of Business Administration, Lisa Bolton, explains what she loves about teaching consumer behavior to undergrad and Ph.D. students. If you are interested in learning more about consumer behavior, be on the lookout for Professor Bolton’s classes where she will bring in recent alumni and apply current events, making each semester unique.

Creative and Analytical

Clinical Professor of Marketing, Jennifer Chang Coupland, shares how Marketing aided in creating bonds as a child and continues to keep her interest by challenging her creative and analytical skills.

Student Perspectives

Marketing Ambassador
Rachel Harris

Rachel Harris chose to study marketing because of its customer-facing focus. She better understands how marketing plays a role in everyday life and can apply this knowledge in being customer-oriented.

Marketing Ambassador
Hanna Bernett

Marketing allows students to balance analytical and creative skills, one of the reasons that Hanna Bernett loves being a Smeal College of Business Marketing Student.

Advice from Faculty

Karen Winterich

Smeal is just the beginning of your career, which can be a long and ever-changing journey. Professor Karen Winterich reminds students that your time here is a small piece of a huge puzzle.

Jennifer Coupland

Leverage your existing capabilities in areas like content management. Professor Jennifer Coupland recommends enhancing these skills with resources like LinkedIn Learning.

Lisa Bolton

Life will be full of challenges and tests, and that is why Professor Lisa Bolton reminds us how important it is to set your moral compass early in life.

Sean Melessa

Assistant Professor of Marketing, Sean Melessa, speaks on how to remain intentional in all that you do and the importance of finding your purpose.