Integrity Advocates

The Integrity Advocates are a student group that work to raise awareness of the college-wide goal and to impact Smeal's culture.

Portrait of Maddison Taylor.Maddison Taylor

Maddie is a fourth-year Management major and is minoring in the Legal Environment of Business. She is the chair of Integrity Advocates, meaning she leads the team and is the official undergraduate student representative of Smeal’s efforts to continuously develop a culture of honor and integrity. Maddie also oversees the H&I Certification process. This initiative works to integrate ethics, honor, and integrity into student organizations by having them continuously engage in it and showcase their progress Maddie also increases community engagement by acting as the webinar and workshop coordinator. In this role, she organizes and leads events relating to both academic and professional integrity. Maddie joined Advocates because of her “interest in helping other students uphold the values of honor and integrity.” Since joining, she feels her ethical decision-making skills have improved, and she has been provided with “a strong foundation of values”.

Portrait of Derek Deihl.Derek Deihl

Derek is a fourth-year Finance and Economics major. He supports Integrity Advocates as our Stakeholder Engagement Lead, increasing students’ engagement in and awareness of honor & integrity at Smeal. He plans and ensures presence at various events throughout the academic year including but not limited to involvement fairs, the accepted students' program, honor code signings, and a finals week event in the atrium of the Business Building. Finals week serves to remind students to act with integrity during the last few days of the semester when our values may be put to the test. He will also be the student lead on the PSU 6 Business Ethics Case Competition where students compete by providing an analysis and applicable solution to an ethical dilemma faced by businesses. Derek joined Advocates “to work in a smaller group setting, help raise the bar for honor and integrity in Smeal, and focus on ethics for my future career.

Portrait of Joseph Li.Joseph Li

Joseph is a second-year Finance major and is minoring in Mathematics and Statistics. Before joining Integrity Advocates, he was incredibly involved in the Smeal Ethical Leadership Challenge. He watched videos and went to speaker events discussing traits of ethical leaders, business ethics cases, and Penn State values. Soon, he completed the challenge. His experience in SELC inspired him to join the Integrity Advocates. He looks forward to increasing honor and integrity in classes, promoting Smeal values, and running business ethics case competitions so that students would become more aware of these topics and be ready to address them if they arise in their future company. Overall, he believes that his job in the Integrity Advocates can help increase integrity in Smeal’s culture and provide understanding on business ethics.

Portrait of Sean Bennet.Sean Bennet

Sean is a third-year student, studying Accounting in the MAcc program. He's involved in various student business organizations and is dedicated to building the community of Penn State. Sean joined the integrity advocates to do just that—to leave an impact on the community of the Smeal College of Business. Outside of school, Sean loves to spend time studying art history and hanging out with friends.

Portrait of Jayant Gupta.Jayant Gupta

Jayant is a second-year Finance major and is minoring in Management Information Systems. He is part of the International Value Initiative, where he spreads awareness about the six Penn State values across different cultures. As an international student himself, he understands and values the cultural gaps among students. With the help of social media posts and presentations at various international student programs, he aims to bridge cultural differences. He also actively contributes to organizing the PSU 6 Business Ethics case competition, where students provide practical solutions to real ethical issues that businesses face. Jayant joined Advocates to “ensure that honor and integrity become an integral part of Smeal students' ethos, helping them become successful leaders.”

Portrait of Rachel Meinert.Rachel Meinert

Rachel is a second-year Supply Chain Management major. She works to promote honor and integrity to all Penn State campuses. She is also working to expand the Integrity Advocates beyond University Park. She joined the Advocates to “bring awareness to Smeal values while improving personal understanding of business ethics.” She hopes to encourage her peers to value honor and integrity and carry Smeal’s Honor Code through their professional careers.

Portrait of Allison Schindehette.Allison Schindehette

Allison is a second-year Management major and is minoring in International Business. She works to spread the word about Smeal's commitment to honor and integrity as well as explain to students the importance of ethical decision making in their future careers and while in college. She does this through her work with Pawsitive Notes as well as What Would You Do scenarios. She joined the Smeal Integrity Advocates because she was "Hoping to make a difference at Penn State by advocating the importance of ethics in business." She is excited to help engage students through organizing various events and opportunities at Smeal.