Business Leaders & Community Members

Read about opportunities for business leaders and community members to get involved with the Tarriff Center.

Smeal’s Mentoring Program

The Smeal College of Business continuously affirms its commitment to a culture of honor and integrity and aspires to cultivate ethical leadership by challenging community members to strive for greatness while demanding that our successes come only from fair and ethical means. To further its emphasis on business ethics and social responsibility, the Tarriff Center participates in a Smeal-wide mentoring program that pairs students with mentors who are seeking to develop strong ethical leadership skills.

The role of mentors in the program is to help students become aware of the ethical dimension of working in business and encourage them to actively engage in initiatives that will help them develop skills and networks that are critical to ethical leadership. By establishing a relationship of deliberate and organic conversations about ethics with their mentees, mentors demonstrate how to advocate for ethical and socially responsible behavior and encourage them to become advocates themselves. Visit Smeal’s Mentoring Program main page to learn more about becoming a mentor.

Partners in Business Ethics Symposium

The Partners in Business Ethics Symposium, first launched and co-hosted by the Penn State Smeal College of Business and American Express in 2010, is designed to promote business ethics in academia and corporate America. Corporations and business school deans share ideas, challenges, and best practices in preparing young professionals to lead with integrity in today’s workplace.

Submit Your Story

Do you have a story about your professional experience of ethical leadership or managing social responsibilities? Students need to hear examples of how ethics and social responsibilities create both challenges and opportunities in business. Your peers need to hear about issues you are facing and strategies for leading through ethically ambiguous situations. Contact us if you are interested in contributing content to this initiative.