Faculty & Staff

Faculty and staff can learn about opportunities to enhance their ethics and social responsibility and how to integrate these concepts into their work.

In your teaching: Ethics and responsibilities in business often are perceived only as abstract and idealistic goals. Applying abstract values, however, requires strategic behavior and technical knowledge. Incorporating case studies that weave ethics and social responsibility meaningfully into your course content is an excellent way of helping students build the skills required for ethical leadership. Contact us for suggestions on where to find relevant cases, and learn about new cases that are being written for the exclusive use by Smeal faculty.

Visit the Tarriff Center's award opportunities page to see relevant opportunities.

In your research: Ethical challenges and our understanding of social responsibilities evolve over time, and Smeal faculty have the expertise to bring increased clarity to leaders in business. We support your research agenda by identifying questions that need to be answered, providing small grants to assist you in the research process, and showcasing your knowledge contributions in our newsletters and events. We welcome you to be a part of a new affinity group that is now forming.

Visit the Tarriff Center's ethics research opportunities page to see relevant opportunities, such as seed grants and initiatives, at Penn State.

In your service: Initiatives related to ethics and social responsibility relate to every functional area of business. Opportunities exist for you to support our students and broader community members as they develop ethical leadership skills, strategically navigate social responsibilities, and leverage business activity to improve lives. Learn more about becoming an affiliate faculty member which will give you the opportunity to enhance student co-curricular experiences or your own research.