Steve French

Biography for Steve French Chief Operating Officer Natural Marketing Institue, (NMI).

Portrait of Steve French.Chief Operating Officer

Natural Marketing Institute, (NMI)

In addition to being COO of Research America, Inc., Steve leads Natural Marketing Institute, a prominent international strategic marketing consulting and market research firm specializing in health & wellness, sustainability, and whole living. He has over 30 years of strategic marketing, business development, market research, and management experience.

Combining an MBA and BS in marketing, he has accumulated extensive insight and knowledge into today’s consumer and market trends. He has pioneered a range of consumer databases based on interviews from over one million global consumer interviews in 30+ countries to help clients navigate, identify and validate market opportunities.

Prior to joining Natural Marketing Institute, he spent 15 years at PepsiCo, Mars, and Marriott. He is a frequent speaker at many industry events, is regularly sourced by media, and is an author of over 200 published articles and written reports.

In 2020, Steve received the Distinguished Alumni Award from Penn State and is a current member of their Sustainability Advisory Board. In 2021, he received a Top 100 Global Marketing Leader award.
Steve’s personal and professional mission is to drive global strategies and consumer behavior change for personal wellness and the health of the planet. In the end, his vision is to help make the world become a better place to live – now and for future generations.