Stephan Levitsky

Stephan Levitsky Chief Operating Officer, Vice President of Sustainability, Phospholutions, Inc.

Portrait of Stephan Levitsky.Chief Operating Officer, Vice President of Sustainability

Phospholutions, Inc.

Steve is the Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Sustainability at Phospholutions, Inc. His duties are focused on the strategic direction of Phospholutions from both a business and sustainability aspect. His daily duties include the management of Research and Development, Operations/Production/Logistics, and the Human Resource groups at the company.

Prior to joining Phospholutions Steve was the Vice President of Sustainability at Perdue Farms. Steve was in the C-Suite of Perdue Farms reporting directly to the CEO. He drove the strategic vision of sustainability at Perdue Farms and continued Perdue Farms’ journey of becoming a sustainable company. During his time at Perdue, carbon emissions were reduced by 15% (absolute emissions), carbon emission intensity was reduced by 5.5%, recycling increased from 52% to 83% and waste diversion increased from 68% to 94%.
Prior to his joining Perdue Farms, Steve was the Director of Global Sustainability for American Sugar Refining, Inc. (ASR). Steve started and created the strategic vision for the sustainability program at ASR. During his time at ASR, carbon emissions (absolute) were reduced by 18%, carbon emission intensity was reduced by 17%, potable water use was reduced by 19%, recycling increased from 38% to 63%, and increased waste diversion from landfill by 29%.

He is currently on the Sustainability Advisory Board for the Penn State University Smeal College of Business. He previously served on the Board of the Alliance for Chesapeake Bay, the Dean’s Global Leadership Council for the College of Agriculture & Natural Resources of the University of Maryland, and the Maryland State Commission of Environmental Justice and Sustainable Communities. He also built the Sustainability Professionals group on LinkedIn with over 315,000 sustainability professional members.

He grew up in Pennsylvania and attended Pennsylvania State University, where he obtained a BS in Environmental Resource Management, an MBA, and completed graduate-level courses in Soil Science.