Recognition of Excellence

Integrity is a fundamental part of our culture. The Smeal Honor Code is a pledge that holds the community accountable for integrity and ethical behavior. It reads:

“We, the Smeal College of Business community, aspire to the highest ethical standards and will hold each other accountable to them. We will not engage in any action that is improper or that creates the appearance of impropriety in our academic lives, and we intend to hold to this standard in our future careers.”

The RISE Above award honors Smeal faculty for their commitment to advancing Smeal’s goals to promote integrity and ethical behavior. For award guidelines, nomination process, and selection timeline, please visit the following link: RISE Above Faculty Award


Faculty RISE Above Award Recipients

  • 2022 - Ron Johnson, Associate Teaching Professor, Management & Organization
  • 2021 - Lisa Bolton, Professor, Marketing
  • 2020 - Charlene Zietsma, Professor, Management & Organization
  • 2019 - Nancy McClure, Instructor, Accounting
  • 2018 - Jen Eury, Assistant Clinical Professor, Management & Organization
  • 2017 - David Cather, Clinical Professor, Risk Management
  • 2016 - Ron Johnson, Senior Instructor, Management & Organization