Graduate Disclosure Notices

Dear Graduate School Community:

We would like to thank you for your continued support of the Smeal College Honor Code and the important principles and values it represents. Each semester, we typically share a report with our undergraduate community, outlining the academic integrity violations that were referred and resolved during the previous twelve months. In an effort to maintain this same degree of transparency in the reporting process, we will be sending a similar message to our graduate student community:

  • We are pleased to report that we did not have any referrals to the academic integrity process in the last twelve months in the PhD, Master of Professional Studies in Supply Chain Management, or the One-Year Master of Accountancy Programs. The MBA and EMBA programs are professional school programs that have honor codes and procedures managed by their separate communities. Disclosure summaries are communicated through their separate listservs.

The Smeal College Honor Code represents an important distinction for our students and alumni. With your support, the Smeal College of Business will continue to represent the highest values through its graduates entering business communities throughout the world.

Should you have any questions about integrity at Smeal, please visit our honor and integrity web page.

Charles H. Whiteman, Dean, Smeal College of Business

Jeffery M. SharpSmeal College Academic Integrity Representative to Penn State University