Nine Desirable Attributes Of Corporate Value Systems

This page contains the Farrell Center White Paper "Nine desirable attributes of corporate value systems".

Recent research of the center reveals nine desirable attributes of corporate value systems. These attributes are to be measured by the attitudes of management and employees in the organizations.




The attributes we defined as follows together with typical statements that express the existence of each attribute.


The degree to which each employee has total confidence in the integrity, ability, and good character of other employees and the organization - regardless of their role

"I trust the people I work with." "I find it easy to be open and honest with staff from other departments."


The degree to which the interests and actions of every employee support the clearly stated and communicated key goals of the organization

"We have clear aims & objectives which everyone understands." "We build consensus around key objectives." "We recognize and reward loyalty."


The degree to which self-initiated and unofficial activities are tolerated and approved of throughout the organization

"I am allowed to do my own thing." "We encourage people to take initiatives." "We recognize the individual."


The degree to which it is understood that unrelated knowledge is desirable in the pursuit of improving products, services, and operations

"I am encouraged to search externally for new information." "I obtain data from many different sources." "We listen to suggestions from suppliers." "We use consultants in focused roles."


The degree to which the organization, employees, and managers take risk

"I am encouraged to experiment." "We take calculated risks." "We encourage trial and error."


The degree to which each employee feels empowered by managers and the organization

"As a manager, I am expected to delegate." "We have a 'no-blame' culture." "We allow staff to make decisions."


The degree to which team performance is emphasized over individual performance

"We promote teamwork and make it the center of everything we do." "There are usually people from other departments in my team." "We have both creative problem solvers and 'out-of-the-box' thinkers in our teams."


The degree to which there is both planned and random interaction between functions and divisions at all levels within an organization

"We clearly explain what our objectives are." "I am kept in the picture on how we are performing." "We have excellent formal channels of communication." "We manage best practice knowledge transfer between departments." "We actively manage our intellectual assets."

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