This page provides information on the research at Farrell Center

Research under way in the Farrell Center for Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship is aimed at innovation across corporate boundaries. This emphasis on the practice of entrepreneurism by large corporations and across corporate boundaries differentiates the Farrell Center from other such Centers and helps students prepare for careers as change managers in larger organizations where such skills are in great demand.

Companies continue to stress the importance of innovation as a key success factor but most are not adequately fostering a creative atmosphere. Since innovation is a stated need of corporate America, and no business school is focusing most of its efforts in this area, the Farrell Center has the opportunity to be the pioneer in this field. To effectively meet this challenge, innovation is the key target of its research and educational programs.

Current Initiatives

The Center is currently undertaking research on the following topics:

  • the relationship between ownership structure and return on private equity investment within venture capital funded companies
  • best practices for knowledge management in global corporations
  • metrics for innovation management
  • quantification of corporate propensity for change

These programs are partly sponsored by corporate partners of the Center.

The Center is always available to discuss research partnerships with companies wishing to access the know-how, resources, and experience of the Center's staff.