Educational Programs

This page discusses the contribution of the Farrell Center to education programs at the undergraduate level, the MBA level, and to Executive Education Programs.


Currently the Smeal College offers undergraduate courses in entrepreneurship together with Penn State's College of Engineering. In this way, engineering students benefit from the exposure to business practices and the business students work on actual technology driven opportunities created within the engineering school. At the advanced planning stage is the addition of a full undergraduate entrepreneurship program within the business school.  The Farrell Center is home to the new Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship major for undergraduate students. For more information about this major please click here to view the CIENT Major Brochure.  In addition, the Farrell Center represents the Smeal College of Business as part of the Intercollege Entrepreneurship and Innovation (ENTI) Minor and by offering the New Ventures course cluster and offering two of the core courses.  The ENTI Minor is available to students of all disciplines with course clusters for the minor currently available in seven Colleges.  Click here for more information about the ENTI Minor.


The Smeal MBA program offers eight major portfolios including Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship. A similar opportunity is available in the Executive MBA Program. Students learn how to be successful entrepreneurs in three contrasting scenarios: in start-ups, within an established corporation, and within networks of corporations. Research shows that graduates with the skills to execute innovation and change within complex enterprises are extremely valuable. Since more than 90 percent of Smeal MBA graduates' careers take them into large corporations, this unique clinical experience in creating and managing innovation-driven change positions students above the crowd in the job market. Each course is structured so that the students can compare and contrast the role of the entrepreneur in small and large enterprises.
The Smeal College of Business and the Farrell Center offer a variety of exciting programs focused on Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship, including classes for resident MBA students, online MBA students, online graduate students, online certificates, and executive programs. Students learn how to be successful entrepreneurs and innovators through a variety of graduate-level programs offered both online and face-to-face. For example, an online Master's in Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship and a Graduate Certificate in Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship are currently being offered by the university. 

Executive Education

Market research targeted at CEOs has shown that corporate innovation is considered the number one factor for success. Customized and general enrollment courses in the "Management of and Investment in Innovation" are offered by the highly rated Penn State Executive Education Division of the Smeal College.