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The Farrell Center for Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship supports undergraduate education through  the CIENT Major and ENTI Minor at Penn State. Continue below for additional information regarding the major and minor.  

The Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIENT) major is designed to help you develop problem solving and creative thinking skills, along with the ability to spot trends, recognize opportunities, and develop plans to capitalize on high-potential ideas.  Emerging entrepreneurs and innovative managers of small to large businesses must be competent in various mediums of communication, have good negotiation skills, lead with ethics and integrity, and be grounded in business aspects of planning, capital investing, goal setting, and decision making. For more information about this major please click here to view the CIENT Major.

Entrepreneurs and innovators exist in all industries and in all types of companies. The key to entrepreneurial achievement is arming yourself with the tools and knowledge that position you to succeed. The ENTI minor teaches you the foundational skills you need, such as innovative thinking, leadership skills, and management and planning tools. For more information about this minor, please click here to view the ENTI Minor.


The Smeal Professional Graduate Portfolio offers many ways for students to gain knowledge in Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship through our online graduate certificate in Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship and our online master in Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship.   

Students in all of our professional masters programs, including our three MBA programs, can earn an online concentration in Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship.   These courses can be applied to the online graduate certificate in Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship and can also be used to “stack” a second online masters in Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Through these courses, students learn how to be successful entrepreneurs in three contrasting scenarios: in start-ups, within an established corporation, and within networks of corporations. Research shows that graduates with the skills to execute innovation and change within complex enterprises are extremely valuable. Since a large percent of Smeal professional graduate careers take students into large corporations, this unique clinical experience in creating and managing innovation-driven change positions students above the crowd in the job market. Each course is structured so that students can compare and contrast the role of the entrepreneur in small and large enterprises.

For more information, please see the links below or contact the Professional Graduate Programs Office.

Online Master's in Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Graduate Certificate in Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship