Eduardo Cordova

Eduardo Cordova bio

Eduardo Cordova, originally from El Salvador, has lived in London for several years. He holds a BS in Industrial Engineering from Penn State, with a minor in Mandarin Chinese language. While at Penn State, Eduardo's pursuit of international experiences took him to China and France for study abroad and internships. These experiences had a profound impact on his decision to embark on an international career. Today, he speaks English, Spanish, and French.

Beginning his professional journey as a Technical Associate at Credit Suisse in both New York and London, Eduardo later pursued entrepreneurial ventures including Excuses to Meet, a standout social discovery app that evolved into a comprehensive SaaS discovery platform, as well as Neon4Business, establishing merchandising collaborations with sports teams in the English Premier League and Formula 1. As a Sandler-trained sales executive, Eduardo offers expert B2B and growth consultancy.

 Eduardo is a passionate golf enthusiast and a top networker, in 2021 he founded a unique golf social in Greater London, gathering a diverse mix of individuals, backed by his ties with the US Alumni Club, a hub for 60+ American alumni networks in the UK. He actively contributes to the direct growth of the Penn State Alumni Chapter in London, strengthening the bond amongst alumni in the UK. Eduardo is also driving a collaboration amongst 18 Big Ten alumni school leaders, aiming to amplify the collective alumni network's outreach in Europe.