Explore donor opportunities.

The Center for Global Business Studies aims to raise the profile of the Smeal College of Business in the area of international business. Donors can make a significant impact helping undergraduate students gain career-relevant skills by assisting faculty with their research. Funding for the CGBS International Research Awards is an ideal way to support students who want a competitive edge in the global economy. Funding from donors can also help continue the cutting edge research of Smeal faculty tackling pressing global issues. Please email the CGBS Director if you are interested in funding either of these activities, or if you have other ideas how your financial resources can further teaching and research in international business at the Smeal College of Business.

There are many other ways that stakeholders can support the mission of CGBS. Offering internationally-oriented internships, providing contacts to facilitate student experiences abroad, hiring Smeal graduates, and meeting with Smeal faculty to discuss global issues that your organization faces and where our research expertise may prove beneficial are among the opportunities to strengthen ties with the CGBS and Smeal College of Business. Please email the CGBS Director if you are interested in being a partner.