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With a gross state product of $818 billion at year end 2019, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is the 18th largest economy in the world (between the Netherlands and Turkey). Pennsylvania is one of the most international of the 50 US states (GlobalEdge, 2019). In 2019, it ranked 10th in exports and 8th in imports. Exports supported over 176,000 manufacturing-related jobs. Of the 12,776 businesses that sold products overseas in 2016, 89 percent were small and medium-sized companies, and they accounted for 30 percent of all Pennsylvania exports. There are more than 6,500 foreign-owned locations in Pennsylvania, employing over 335,000 people. 

Given the extensive opportunities for Pennsylvania companies to engage in international business, the CGBS can help make connections to government offices and specialists who can assist firms entering global markets. In addition, some Smeal faculty are available to provide their international business expertise.

Faculty Experts

State and Federal Resources to Support Companies Engaging in International Business