Smeal Alumni Society

Learn about the Smeal Alumni Society, including membership, board of directors, and the Hammond Society.

The Smeal College of Business experience extends beyond graduation. The mission of the Alumni Society is to provide opportunities for networking, volunteerism, and lifelong learning to its diverse alumni community of more than 88,000 graduates. Smeal is more than a leading academic institution; it's an asset for life.


Membership in the Smeal Alumni Society is open to alumni, faculty, and friends of the Smeal College of Business who are regular annual, life, or associate members of the Penn State Alumni Association.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of approximately 24 At-Large Directors. At-Large Directors are elected by the Board of Directors or appointed by the Dean. Membership as an At-Large Director consists of one, three-year term, with the option for reelection to a second, three-year term. The Board's constitution is available online.

The Board supports the work of the Smeal Development & Alumni Relations Office by collaborating behind the scenes to imagine, develop, and execute initiatives that promote and advance the goals of the Smeal College, and the University. 

Alumni of the Smeal College of Business can view the responsibilities of an Alumni Society Board Director and submit interest in being considered for the election slate. Nominations are due on January 31 each year and applicants will be notified about whether they have been selected for the slate in mid-February. Elections take place at each spring meeting. 

In addition to the At-Large Directors, the Board also consists of Ex-Officio Directors. Ex-Officio Directors have all the rights of At-Large Directors, except for the right to vote. Membership as an Ex-Officio Director is determined by the position and the organization to which the individual is affiliated.

Hammond Society

All out-going At-Large Directors who have served at least two consecutive terms will be inducted into the Hammond Society, which is named after the late Dean Emeritus J.D. Hammond.