Smeal Alumni Society

Smeal Alumni Society

The mission of the Smeal Alumni Society seeks to enhance the value and reputation of Smeal by cultivating a community of active, engaged alumni; building and maintaining forums for student and alumni interaction; and providing a meaningful connection between the college and alumni. The constitution is available online. You can also learn more about the Alumni Society Board here


Membership in the Smeal Alumni Society is open to alumni, faculty, and friends of the Smeal College of Business who are regular annual, life, or associate members of the Penn State Alumni Association.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of approximately 25 At-Large Directors. At-Large Directors are elected by the Board of Directors or appointed by the Dean. Membership as an At-Large Director consists of one, three-year term, with the option for reelection to a second, three-year term.

Learn more about the current At-Large Directors and Ex-Officio Directors.

Learn more about the application process for new At-Large Directors.

In addition to the At-Large Directors, the Board also consists of 12-13 Ex-Officio Directors. Ex-Officio Directors have all the rights of At-Large Directors, except for the right to vote. Membership as an Ex-Officio Director is determined by the position and the organization to which the individual is affiliated, with the exception of the faculty representative which is determined by the President and the Dean. The Ex-Officio Directors include the dean of the Smeal College of Business; executive director of the Penn State Alumni Association; faculty representative; immediate past president of the Smeal Alumni Society; president of the Business Student Council; president of the MBA Alumni Advisory Board; presidents of the Smeal Business Club (DC Metro Area, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh); recipient of the Board Sponsorship Award; and recipients of the Smeal Alumni Society Trustee Scholarship and the Smeal College of Business Alumni Society Board Scholarship.

Hammond Society

All out-going At-Large Directors who have served at least two consecutive terms will be inducted into the Hammond Society at the annual Awards Program and Hammond Society Recognition Dinner, held each spring.