Hammond Society

Information on the Penn State Smeal College of Business Hammond Society, which honors alumni who have demonstrated a commitment to Smeal and their continued involvement in the college.

Honoring Service


The Hammond Society is named in recognition of Dr. J.D. Hammond, Dean Emeritus, for his support and profound influence in the development of the Smeal Alumni Society Board. Hammond was dean of the Smeal College from 1989-1999. The induction into the Hammond Society serves to honor alumni who have demonstrated a commitment to the Smeal College of Business and to foster their continued involvement in the college. Membership is offered to alumni of the college who have served out their maximum number of terms on the Smeal Alumni Society Board as an At-Large Director.

Current members are recognized and new members are inducted at the annual Awards Program and Hammond Society Recognition Dinner. 

Members of the Hammond Society

Edward Anchel
Bruce Aronow
Paul Asplundh*
Jay Best*
Sherry Bowman
James Brandau
Barbara Bridendolph
Jack Burley
Brian Callahan
Jennifer Carrobis
David Christopher*
Alvin Clemens
Michael Cocco
Lynn Cruser
Leo Daley
William Donan
Richard Dugan
Mark DuMars
Jennifer Eggers
J. Earl Epstein
Kenneth Ewing
Melissa Ferarri
Michael Farrell
Clare Frissora
Louis Fryman
Steve Garban
Timmy Garde
Alan Gedrich
Barry Genkin
Andrew Giorgione
Susan Gottridge

Kenneth Graham
Lawrence Griest
Gregory Grose
Michelle Harmon-Madsen
Suzanne Harnett
Russell Hartz
W. Edward Hastings*
Ken Henderson
Matthew Hilldoerfer
Louis Ingargiola
Mark Inserra
Barney Kinzer
Robert Klein*
David Koerner
William Lane
Carlton Langley
Sherri Lombra
Albert Lord
Chester Lucido, Jr
James Matheny
D. Patrick Mazzolla
R. Bruce McKee
James Meister*
Abigail Mendes
Robert Moore*
Diane Wheelan Moore
Glenn Moyer
John Myers
Howard Newstadt
Ralph Peters*
Michael Piwowar
Elena Polansky

Carol Schaffer
Philip Sieg
James Stalder
Stewart Stumpo
Robert Szeyller*
John Torris
Jack Udell
Rick Ward
Keith Weir*
Glenn White
Edward Wickland
Edward Wilson
Craig Womeldorf
Harold Wright
Michelle Wright
Phillip Zimmerman*
Richard Zimmerman