Honoring Alumni

Honoring Smeal College of Business alumni

Smeal College of Business Alumni Awards

The Smeal Alumni Society Board of Directors recognizes those who have demonstrated leadership, worked to further diversity efforts, demonstrated outstanding career achievements and enhanced the prestige of the college.

Nominations are solicited annually from Smeal faculty, staff, students, and alumni. Current At-Large Directors of the Alumni Society Board are not eligible to receive these awards. 

To nominate an alumnus/alumna to be recognized in 2021, please complete the nomination form by Friday, December 11, 2020. 

Prior to 2020, the Board Sponsorship Award and Student Diversity Award honorees were recognized at the Alumni Society Board Awards Program. 

Hammond Society

The society honors alumni who have demonstrated a commitment to the Smeal College of Business through their service to the Smeal Alumni Society Board.

Penn State Awards

The University recognizes alumni for their impactful achievements with individual awards, alumni group awards, and faculty and staff awards.

The Penn State Alumni Association is committed to recognizing alumni from across the academic spectrum, especially those from diverse backgrounds and those who are making a positive impact to ensure a truly diverse, inclusive, and equitable institution.