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Lou & Kathy Gatto Lou & Kathy Gatto Portrait of Lou & Kathy Gatto. lou-kathy-gatto.jpg
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Jonathan B. Taylor Jonathan B. Taylor Portrait of Jonathan B. Taylor. jonathan-b-taylor.jpg
Business Building Curved Windows Business Building Curved Windows The curved windows of the Smeal Business building atrium. business-building-curve-windows.jpg
Lisa Chiobi Lisa Chiobi Portrait of Lisa Chiobi. lisa-chiobi.jpg
Anne Louise Cropp Anne Louise Cropp Portrait of Anne Louise Cropp. anne-louise-cropp.jpg
Charles Whiteman's Signature Charles Whiteman's Signature The signature of Dean Charles Whiteman. charles-whiteman-signature.jpg
Puzzle Icon Puzzle Icon puzzle-icon.png
Dave & Susan Marcinek Dave & Susan Marcinek Portrait of Dave & Susan Marcinek. dave-susan-marcinek.jpg
Matthew Wallace Matthew Wallace Portrait of Matthew Wallace. matthew-wallace.jpg
Jason and Julie Borrelli Jason and Julie Borrelli Jason and Julie Borrelli standing beside President Baron. jason-julie-borrelli.jpg
Joel Fox Joel Fox Portrait of Joel Fox. joel-fox.jpg
Susan Cunningham Susan Cunningham Portrait of Susan Cunningham. susan-cunningham-1.jpg
Ian Ousley Ian Ousley Portrait of Ian Ousley. ian-ousley-1.jpg
kevin-field.jpg kevin-field.jpg kevin-field.jpg
Wanda Hope Wanda Hope Portrait of Wanda Hope. wanda-hope.jpg
Hannah Acker Hannah Acker Portrait of Hannah Acker. hannah-acker.jpg
Crystal Roach Crystal Roach Portrait of Crystal Roach. crystal-roach.jpg
Patrick Kinney Patrick Kinney Portrait of Patrick Kinney. patrick-kinney.jpg
Doreen Glenning Doreen Glenning Portrait of Doreen Glenning. doreen-glenning.jpg
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No Photo Available No Photo Available Portrait not available. no-photo.jpg
samantha-ferro.jpg samantha-ferro.jpg samantha-ferro.jpg
Matt Hildoerfer Matt Hildoerfer Portrait of Matt Hildoerfer matt-hildoerfer
David and Patricia Rogers David and Patricia Rogers Portrait of David and Patricia Rogers david-and-patricia-rogers
Ronda Williams Ronda Williams Portrait of Ronda Williams rqw2_bio.jpg
andrew-strause.jpg andrew-strause.jpg andrew-strause.jpg