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Impact Smeal 180h Impact Smeal 180h impact-smeal-180h.jpg
Hal Wright Hal Wright Portrait of Hal Wright. hal-wright.jpg
Ann Kagundu Ann Kagundu Portrait of Ann Kagundu. ann-kagundu.jpg
kc-mcclure.jpg kc-mcclure.jpg kc-mcclure.jpg
Karla Trotman Karla Trotman Portrait of Karla Trotman. karla-trotman.jpg
Renee Baker Renee Baker Portrait of Renee Baker. renee-baker.jpg
Akash Kapoor Akash Kapoor Portrait of Akash Kapoor. akash-kapoor.jpg
Susan Cunningham Susan Cunningham Portrait of Susan Cunningham. susan-cunningham.jpg
Attend Events Attend Events attend-events.png
Give to Smeal Give to Smeal give-smeal.png
Impact Students Impact Students impact-students.png
Nominate Alumni for College Awards Nominate Alumni for College Awards nominate-alumni-awards.png
Update your Contact Information Update your Contact Information update-contact-info.png
Cindi Satterfield Cindi Satterfield Portrait of Cindi Satterfield. cindi-satterfield.jpg
Jennifer Nicholas Jennifer Nicholas Portrait of Jennifer Nicholas. jennifer-nicholas.jpg
Impact Smeal Alumni Impact Smeal Alumni An Impact Smeal alumni event. impact-smeal-alumni.jpg
Steven W. French Steven W. French Portrait of Steven W. French. steven-w-french.jpg
Alumni Insights with Melissa Gonzalez Alumni Insights with Melissa Gonzalez A virtual discussion between Dean Charles H. Whiteman and Melissa Gonzalez. alumni-insights-gonzalez.jpg
Everybody Pulls the Tarp Everybody Pulls the Tarp Everybody Pulls the Tarp icon. everybody-pulls-the-tarp.jpg
Karla Trotman Karla Trotman karla-trotman.jpg
Jon Coulter Jon Coulter Portrait of Jon Coulter. jon-coulter.jpg
Meredith Monroe Meredith Monroe Portrait of Meredith Monroe. meredith-monroe.jpg
Connect Students 95 Connect Students 95 connect-students-95.png
Penn State Smeal Alumni Book Club Penn State Smeal Alumni Book Club book-club-copy.jpg
Wendy Jo Hartsock Wendy Jo Hartsock Portrait of Wendy Jo Hartsock. wendy-jo-hartsock.jpg
Jen Crispell Jen Crispell Portrait of Jen Crispell. jen-crispell.jpg
Keleigh Asbury Keleigh Asbury Portrait of Keleigh Asbury. keleigh-asbury.jpg
Ashley Kranich Ashley Kranich Portrait of Ashley Kranich. ashley-kranich.jpg
PSU_PGP_287.png PSU_PGP_287.png psu_pgp_287.png
Cristina Houtz Cristina Houtz Portrait of Cristina Houtz. cristina-houtz.jpg