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Aaron Tressler Aaron Tressler Portrait of Aaron Tressler. aaron-tressler.jpg
Cynthia Satterfield Cynthia Satterfield Portrait of Cynthia Satterfield. cynthia-satterfield.jpg
Pamela Royer Pamela Royer Portrait of Pamela Royer. pamela-royer.jpg
Ian Ousley Ian Ousley Portrait of Ian Ousley. ian-ousley.jpg
Jennifer Nicholas Jennifer Nicholas Portrait of Jennifer Nicholas. jennifer-nicholas.jpg
Michelle Houser Michelle Houser Portrait of Michelle Houser. michelle-houser.jpg
Heide Gibson Heide Gibson Portrait of Heide Gibson. heide-gibson.jpg
Alan Friday Alan Friday Portrait of Alan Friday. alan-friday.jpg
Susan Cunningham Susan Cunningham Portrait of Susan Cunningham. susan-cunningham.jpg
Holly Brown Holly Brown Portrait of Holly Brown. holly-brown.jpg
William C. Lane William C. Lane Portrait of William C. Lane. william-c-lane.jpg
John Burke John Burke Portrait of John Burke. john-burke.jpg
George E. Strickler George E. Strickler Portrait of George E. Strickler. george-e-strickler.jpg
Alumni Insights with Greg Reed '91 Finance Alumni Insights with Greg Reed '91 Finance A virtual discussion between Dean Charles H. Whiteman and Greg Reed. alumni-insights-greg-reed.jpg
Jean Oelwang Jean Oelwang Portrait of Jean Oelwang. jean-oelwang.jpg
Patrick G. Durbin Patrick G. Durbin Portrait of Patrick G. Durbin. patrick-g-durbin.jpg
Arthur Miltenberger Arthur Miltenberger Portrait of Arthur Miltenberger. arthur-miltenberger.jpg
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Brian Black Brian Black Portrait of Brian Black. brian-black.jpg
Kelly Freet Kelly Freet Portrait of Kelly Freet. kelly-freet.jpg
Wendy Jo Hartsock Wendy Jo Hartsock Portrait of Wendy Jo Hartsock. wendy-jo-hartsock-1.jpg
Edward Wilson Edward Wilson Portrait of Edward Wilson. edward-wilson.jpg
Menassie Taddese Menassie Taddese Portrait of Menassie Taddese. menassie-taddese.jpg
Carole McCabe Carole McCabe Portrait of Carole McCabe. carolemccabe.jpg
Charles Whiteman Charles Whiteman Charles H. Whiteman - The John and Becky Surma Dean of the Penn State Smeal College of Business charles_whiteman.jpg
Aaron Tressler Aaron Tressler Portrait of Aaron Tressler aaron-tressler
Jim Brandau Jim Brandau Portrait of Jim Brandau brandau.jpg
susan-lowe.jpg susan-lowe.jpg susan-lowe.jpg
Michelle Houser Michelle Houser Portrait of Michelle Houser. Houser.jpg