Smeal Online MeetUp Events

Smeal on-line MeetUp Events

To participate in online meet up events, please join The Penn State Smeal College of Business Alumni (Official) LinkedIn Group.

 How the events will work:

During this event, you will be paired with other Smeal alumni for several 8 to 10-minute text-based conversations that will allow you to make a connection, exchange contact information and build your Smeal network.  The program will not connect you with any attendee twice.

Once connected with a fellow Smeal alumnus, you'll be able to text about your background  -- introduce yourself right away!

Preparing for the event:

  • Update your LinkedIn profile. The purpose is to build a Smeal network around the world and in your area, learn about each others' companies, make connections with professionals in other fields, etc.
  • On the registration landing page, scroll down and view the instruction video at the bottom under "Learn More About How it Works."  This will show you how easy it is to participate!
  • Prepare a 3-5 sentence introduction about yourself to be able to copy and paste into the chat.
  • Plan a few key questions such as open-ended questions.  As a general rule of thumb, "why" questions generate the most interesting answers and conversations.
  • Arrive with a positive attitude and have fun networking!

Technical Assistance/Event Questions:

  • Any questions, please contact or call 703-879-8029.

During the event:

  • You can get in line in as many chat rooms as you want.  As people become available, you will automatically be connected. Click on the "Chat" in the box to get in line.  To opt out, switch the button marked "My Status" on the left hand side to "Away."  If you want to get back into the event, switch it back to "Available."  If you are not in line in any chat rooms, you will have to go back into a room and click chat again.
  • A Wild Card chat room is for anyone.
  • Click on History to review information on new connections and your discussions. 


  • Your chat feed will be available for review after the event.
  • Be sure to connect on LinkedIn with people you meet and keep in touch with your network.