Career Coaching

Work with a career coach to enhance your job search or career transition. Get your resume reviewed, set professional goals, and create an action plan to reach your objectives.

One-to-One Career Coaching

Connect with experienced coaches for 1-5 sessions at no cost and receive:

  • advice on best job search and advancement strategies
  • reviews of resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and executive bios
  • tips and tools for networking and digital engagement
  • mock web interviews
  • access to a suite of job search resources, including our Recession Resilience Guide in Penn State's Canvas Catalogue (learning management system) 

Our coaching flexes to meet your career interests and priorities.  

*Please note that our coaching service is exclusive to those who have graduated with a degree from the Smeal College of Business. Current Smeal students (both undergrad and grad) can reach out to their respective career services offices. Penn State alumni from other colleges and campuses can request guidance from Alumni Career Services.

Digital Executive Group Coaching - Spring 2020

Experiential Insight is the first digital platform of executive coaches to deliver live, high-quality thought-provoking content focused on the future of leadership. They have broad experience providing executive-level coaching to non-executives in Fortune 500 companies such as Apple, Barclays, Deloitte, Salesforce, and Amazon, to game-changing startups and everything in-between. 

Our partnership with Experiential Insight offers (6) one-hour weekly group coaching sessions in small groups of six. The cost per 6-week coaching track is $300 per person.

Cohorts are built around the number of years of work experience: 5-10, 10-20, 20-30.



SESSION 1: Unpacking Your Worldview (+ Goal Setting) 

SESSION 2: Getting Comfortable With The Uncomfortable 

SESSION 3: Finding Empathy and Showing Compassion 

SESSION 4: Bias, Belonging, and Othering 

SESSION 5: Creating a Space for Differences 

SESSION 6: Stepping Forward on Your Platforms 


SESSION 1: Aligning With Your Definition of Success  (+ Goal Setting) 

SESSION 2: Tapping into Strength and Certainty  

SESSION 3: Taking 100% Ownership 

SESSION 4: Leading in Times of Ambiguity  

SESSION 5: Human Connection and Belonging  

SESSION 6: Teaming up to Collaborate


Spring tracks start the week of October 5th - GROUP COACHING REGISTRATION